Gosh Lumi Drops

I feel like this kind of a product should have been invented long before now but it seems makeup is still progressing slow depending on the trends that are occurring from time to time. Strobing and contouring are two trends that have surfaced in the beauty industry these past two years, mostly due to the crazy makeup techniques of Kim Kardashian. I personally don’t like contour, especially on myself. Sometimes I do apply it on people when doing their makeup but that all depends on their actual face shape and of course some people say they want contour. I do however love strobing, and for those of you who don’t know what strobing is it’s simply another word for highlighting your face until it glows like the moon.


Many brands have brought out their versions of liquid highlighters, some of which I have already reviewed (check out the category; highlighters). Most of they can be used as primer, mixed in with foundation or  applied directly on the areas of the face you wish to highlight. Some of the formulations are amazing and work incredibly well but the Gosh Lumi Drops have recently caught my eye because of the way they’re designed for use.


This highlighter comes in this tiny plastic bottle that has a pipette style tip for dispensing the highlighter. You’re to add the highlighter only to another product (be it foundation, an oil, moisturiser, primer) and mix it in. I love that you can choose whatever base you like and make it instantly more luminous just by adding a drop of this. If you want a really intense highlighter you can definitely mix this with another liquid highlighter.


I got mine in the shade 004 Peach though there are other shades in the range. This shade is a nice soft pearlescent coral shade that warms up the complexion while adding radiance. I personally mix this in with my foundation, and love using it with thicker formulations as it makes them more slippery and hence easier to work with.


The brand Gosh isn’t as easy to find anymore and I think it’s because the brand is getting a re-branding done but you can still find it in Sam McCauleys Chemists, Shaws Department and Superdrug Stores. It also available from the Gosh website.

-Talk Soon xx

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