Pressie from the Hubby

I’m not one to normally talk about my private life here on my blog simply because I find that’s not really what my followers are looking for when it comes to my content. I mostly write reviews and my trips to various events that I get invited to as a blogger. I love doing that because I feel it gives great content to my blog and it is why most of my followers follow me. Today I’m not going to be talking about major personal stuff, just simply this gift that my husband who I’ve only been married to for 12 months now bought me simply because he wanted too.


I present to you the newly released Arlestenne gift box from L’Occitane. I love L’Occitane and though I’ve never featured them on my blog I’m a huge lover of their products and it seems my husband has noticed (trust me this is an incredible thing…anyone in a relationship would no this. The colour scheme for this release is simply on point for anything girly and feminine as they’ve used a mixture of cool and bright pinks and reds to bring it to life. You can totally reuse the box that the collection comes in to safe keep little treasures of your life in once you’ve removed everything from the inside.



First item is the star of this box and that isΒ theΒ Arlestenne Eau de Toilette fragrance (75ml). This smells amazing! Very floral and mostly rose scented so if you don’t like roses stay away from this. It’s not overpowering in any shape or form. It’s nice and subtle and very very sophisticated to wear both during the day and throughout the night. No granny perfumes here thank you :).


The bottle is simple and classy with the traditional L’Occitane old style metal cap to seal closed the sprayer. The base of the bottle has been etched with the texture of rose petals and to tie it all together with the collection, the actual perfume liquid is tinted a lovely light pink shade. I personally am in love with this scent and have been wearing it since I’ve received it.


Within the rounded box I’ve also received a Velvet Hand Cream (30ml) in the same corresponding scent as the fragrance. It comes in the typical L’Occitane tin tube packaging. The cream itself has a nice light and fluffy texture to it and it sinks into the hands relatively fast without causing any greasiness.


I’ve also received a 75ml bottle of the Shower Gel of the same scent. I love getting the same scent in shower gels as the perfumes because you can then layer them and make the scent last that much longer. The size of this bottle makes it so handy for travel so I think I’ll save it for when I go on a getaway with my husband as I love the scent that much. I should mention that the shower gel is clear … the bottle is coloured pink much to my disappointment 😦 .


Final item really isn’t all that interesting but it’s one I love non the less. It’s the perfumed soap belonging to the collection. These soaps from L’Occitane (not just this scent) are my go to soaps for when I want to get super fancy for when guests and friends come over. I always make sure to have one on hand ready to unwrap it from it’s paper packaging and prop it straight into the soap dish in my bathroom for them to use. This one just happens to be in a great scent.


That’s all that I’ve received within my little pressie (that really isn’t that little) πŸ˜‰ unless you count the samples. I would really love to know if you’ve received any surprise gifts recently from either your husband, boyfriend or even loved one. It’s also a great one to get someone who loves fragrance for Christmas too.

-Talk Soon xx

P.S: It was a gift so sorry I don’t have any of the prices for any of the products and I really don’t want to spoil it by popping in to check πŸ™‚ xxx Hope you guys understand ❀

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