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NailHQ Gel Top Coat

Nail polish for me is very much a love hate relationship. I love nail polish when it comes to colours, varying formulations and brands. I hate waiting for it to dry! Now I could probably list about 101 ways for you to dry yours nails quickly but I think there are more than enough YouTube videos available on the topic. For me the fastest method of drying your nails quickly is to use a fast drying top coat. NailHQ is a brand that specialises in you guessed it Nails! They have a bunch of different base and top coats along with other polishes that can be used to strengthen your nails if you need too. But for today I’m only going to be focusing on their Gel Top Coat.


Packaging isn’t anything fancyΒ  but it is practical in that the bottle is double glassed and thick meaning a few bangs off the kitchen floor won’t be sending it into a hundred pieces. The brush is a nice medium thickness. For my nails I need two swipes to get the polish to coat my entire nail evenly.



An essential element that any top coat that I use must have is aΒ high shine finish. I don’t like matte nails. This top coat in all honesty didn’t give any better of a shine than my normal top coat (I normally use the Nails Inc Top Coat) but it did give an amazing shine non-the-less. I’ve used it over the L’oreal nail polish in the shade Nude Demoiselle (pictured).


The NailHQ range is currently available in Tesco Stores and you can also find them via the NailHQ website if your interested.

-Talk Soon xx

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