Jo Browne Fragrance

I believe this is going to be my very first fragrance post that I’ll be doing on my blog! Which surprises me a little because I’m a huge lover of fragrances and perfume. Really the main reason why I haven’t featured any on my blog yet would simply be down to the fact that I know that everybody’s preference when it comes to fragrance and scents varies. Not everyone likes floral scents, or musky scents and I know some people who don’t even like perfume, they prefer man’s cologne instead.


The perfume that I’m featuring today comes from an Irish brand named after it’s owner Jo Browne. The interesting thing about this perfume is that it comes in a roll-up tube because it’s actual a solid perfume. I’m more of a spritz and go kind of girl but ever since discovering this brand I’ve been hooked on the fact that I can carry my perfume with me wherever I go and not have to worry about breaking any glass bottles. Also the scent from a solid perfume lingers longer than that of a spritz. I love the packaging of this especially because it comes in proper wood and not some cheap imitation of it. The letters are all etched into the wood meaning they won’t rub off, which can be bothersome if you had more than the one scent.


My scent is called Floral Note and it’s a mixture of Lemongrass and Wild Jasmine making for quite a fresh citrus scent at first and then dies down to a soft floral one. When smelling straight from the tube it’s obvious that the Lemongrass is the most dominant note. The perfume is made with organic beeswax that melts rather nicely against the warmth of the skin.


The retail value for theseย perfumes is 18 euros regardless of theย scent and they are available in both Castle Pharmacy Waterford and via the Jo Browne website which I’ve linked below.

-Talk Soon xx

Jo Browne Website

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