Meeting Sali Hughes

Yes you read the title right! I can finally cross a dream off my dream wish list because as of November the 24th I had the amazing opportunity of meeting who can only be considered my favourite author, Sali Hughes. For those of you who don’t know who Sali Hughes is, she’s mostly well know to the beauty community because of her weekly column for The Guardian Newspaper. She is a very prominent writer and her career as such has allowed her to produce two incredible books that are certainly a must read for makeup and beauty lovers. If your not much of a book worm than you can enjoy the workings of Sali Hughes mind via her “In The Bathroom” series on YouTube which is were she goes through celebrity and world-known makeup artists bathroom cabinet to see exactly what they use within their beauty regimen.


The event itself took place in Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin. More specifically within the confined space of Café Zest of House of Frazer. The Café was arranged in such a manner that everyone had a clear and perfect view of the stage area where Sali Hughes would be answering questions presented to her by Irish Book Award Novelist Marian Keyes (who is also a personal friend to Sali Hughes and has been featured on her “In The Bathroom” series). I have to say Marian Keyes was such an incredible host to the entire evening, she conversed with Sali Hughes and the audience as if we were just sitting down for a coffee to catch up with old friends. She’s also bloody hilarious and made sure we left the event with laughter in our hearts.


The event also presented us with a special treat courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Pro Makeup Artist Amy Conway demonstrated a classy wearable makeup look. She used a mixture of nude shades that Bobbi Brown is well know for as well as their iconic under eye corrector. Sali also mentioned her favourite products from the Bobbi Brown line.


After answering all of Marian’s questions, Sali allowed the audience a few questions of the their own. Throughout the question answering spot prizes were announced and I was very lucky to win one which I shall certainly go through in another blog post. The evening ended with every member of the audience receiving a well-stocked goodie bag and a chance to purchase Sali Hughes books. As I’m a devote fan I already had mine on hand and was awarded a chance to get them signed.


I honestly will always treasure the night, it was filled with laughter, enjoyment and the common connection of women who love beauty and makeup coming together to talk about their passion for it. I want to thank The Irish Times Magazine for putting together this event and giving me the opportunity to cross of that dream from the list.

-Talk Soon xx

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