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Sleek Cleopatra Highlighting Palette

Everybody and I mean everybody when crazy over this palette when Sleek Makeup initially released the first image of it over on Twitter. I was no exception because after trying out the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette I knew this was going to be just as good as that palette if not better. Let me tell you, it certainly did not disappoint!


Let’s quickly get the gorgeous packaging out of the way. It’s exactly the same as the Solstice Palette in that they’ve chosen to put the product in this incredible gold reflective acrylic casing. The letters spelling the word Sleek are displayed prominently on the lid in a slight varying shade of gold. We’ll just ignore the crappy brush they’ve added….which I’ve already managed to lose…


Inside you get a mirror of course as with all Sleek Makeup palettes and 4 highlighters in differing tones of gold. Two of the highlighters are cream and two are powder. Personally I found the powders to be a lot more pigmented and faltering on the skin than the cream formulations.



The first shade from the palette is called Sphinx  and this is the darkest and most intensely pigmented shade from the palette. This is very much a true gold highlight that I love to use on the inner corner of the eye. I would personally find it to be incredible for those of us that have darker skin tones or olive skin tones as it will play off the depth of the skin and bring it to life. Just my opinion of course! Use whatever one your like the most.



The second shade is called  Delta and this is the first of the cream shades. I found this to be the sheer sister of Sphinx in the fact that it has the same undertone and is very similar in colour to it but it’s a different formulation. To be frank I didn’t really like the cream formulations in this palette for use as actual highlighters. Personally I found them better used as cream coloured bases under gold tones eyeshadows.


Shade 3 is Dynasty and this is the traditional yellow gold colour that people tend to think of when you say the colour gold. Love using this shade as both a cream colour base for under shadows and a brow highlight! Because it’s sheer it gives a nice intense highlight on the brows without being over the top. The tone of this particular highlight makes it more faltering as a brow highlight for me compared to Delta.



Last shade in the palette is actually my favourite and this is called Goddess. A true ethereal highlight, with a soft pink almost like pink quartz shot through with a gold shimmer. I tend to use this on top of the Maybelline Master Strobing Stick to really give you that highlight on fleek effect! Total lover of this combination.

All in all I totally recommend this palette and it’s sister palette the Solstice highlighting palette from Sleek Makeup they are hands down the best highlighting palettes on the market and they are super affordable. If your interested in knowing what else I have in my makeup collection from Sleek then check out my Sleek Collection post.

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