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Claire’s Accessories Sponges

I was recently wandering around town and realized that I hadn’t popped in Claire’s Accessories in awhile. To be honest I never used to visit but ever since I discovered the Icing Brushes I’ve made it a point to pop in every now and again. My visit this time did not disappoint as they were having a buy 3 products get 3 products offer in store. For my purchases I ended up get three different versions of the Claire’s Blending Sponges and I’m so delighted with my find.


The first of these Blending sponges is actually three mini ones. These very much look like the beauty blender minis but I will say that they are a tad bit bigger in size. The texture of the sponges for all of them, not just these small ones, is really soft and bouncy. These 3 sponges in a pack retail for 5.99 euros.


I personally always use my sponges wet however for these I found not wetting them worked better as they tend to absorb the excess concealer while still blending out the concealer to give an airbrushes finish. I’ve photographed a wet sponge next to a dry one so you can see the difference in size.


The next sponge that I have is basically these sponges in large format and it can be considered to be a Beauty Blender dupe. I won’t lie the Beauty Blender is way softer than these sponges but for not wanting to pay 20 euros for a sponge these work fairly well in place of it.


This sponge retails for 4.50 euros. I found the pointed edge great for blending product around the nose and chin area and the rounded edge for actually applying foundation. If you use this sponge on it’s side, it’s great for blending in foundation into the skin for a really natural finish.


Last sponge that I purchased is more of an hourglass shaped sponge. Same texture as the other versions in the post and amazing to use wet. I like the hourglass shape because I found that the area where it curves actually hugs the hollows of the face making this amazing for applying cream contour. This sponge also retailed for 4.50 euros.


The only downer when it comes to these sponges is that I have a feeling that their not latex free because of the texture of them. I could be wrong so if anybody does know please leave a comment below! If your not a fan of the colours of these sponges, don’t worry they come in all the colours of the rainbow and their all the same price regardless of the colour you select.

-Talk Soon xx


2 thoughts on “Claire’s Accessories Sponges

  1. I love hearing about new sponge finds! In all honesty, I’ve never tried the beauty blender and don’t know if I ever will, just because sponges like these all do the job and aren’t so darn expensive! 🙂

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