Party with Platinum Hair

On Wednesday the 23rd of November I had the amazing opportunity of going to a party which was hosted by Rachel Dalton Communications for the incredible hair extension brand Platinum Hair Extensions. Platinum Hair Extensions is a brand that really focuses on giving natural look, soft extensions for natural hair without damaging your own hair.


They are based in Grafton Street, Dublin and to go with their hair extensions they do provide an entire haircare line ranging from shampoo to a conditioning hair spray. The party took place also in Dublin in the lovely House Dublin on Leeson Street.



When I arrived I was amazed at how incredible the place was designed. They had confetti balloons, and Instagram frame for pictures and even donuts on every table to snack on. We also had lovely mocktails for drinks.







The end on the room had tables set up with pictures of the models and the products that were used on that model to create the look in the model’s picture. The centre on the room was set up for a demo that was done by a hairstylist. (For this check out JanetProfessionalHairstylist over on Instagram).


Janet, the hairstylist ended up creating three different looks which are perfect for the Christmas party season this year. The first was a lovely sophisticated side ponytail that would look incredible paired with a Marilyn Monroe styled makeup look. The second look was on a gorgeous red-headed model and it was soft natural waves that literally screams vintage. The last model’s hairstyle was natural curls are really would suit people that had really long hair (or extensions 😉 ). All three looks were talked through by Onagh the founder of Platinum Hair Extensions.


Tracy from 2FM also had the privilege of interviewing her and if you want to check out her interview then head over to my twitter feed cause I’ve uploaded the videos there (@SooSoBeauty). The night was exceptionally fun and on our way out the door we got handed a lovely goodie bag which I shall of course go through in another post!

-Talk Soon xx

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