Ren Skincare: Flash Hydro-Boost

SUPERCHARGE YOUR SKIN WITH WATER! is the motto of this particular new release from Ren Skincare called their Flash Hydro-Boost. Now they don’t market this product in the traditional sense by calling it a mask/moisturiser/serum but instead call it a treatment product to be used before applying your serum and moisturiser to inject a huge shot of moisture to your skin making it plump and fully hydrated.


The product itself comes in a 40ml tube that thankfully has a pump dispenser. The main way to use it is to ensure you apply it onto cleansed skin (I personally love using an exfoliating cleanser before this product. Try-Bioderma Launches HYDRABIO Range ). You then dispense a generous pump of it and dot it around the skin. The cream is water activated so in order to get the benefits of its use you have to add water. Much like working in your cleanser into your skin, you do the same to this with wetted fingertips. After working it in sufficiently you then let your skin soak up the excess and then move on to your regular routine. For more information on how to use this product check out the video which I’ve linked at the end of this post.


Texture wise the cream is a nice whipped consistency, that becomes nice and thin when wetted and massaged into the skin. You can use this every single day and to be honest I found the results of regular use to be really good for my skin. I no longer had any dry patches (I have combo skin for reference) and the areas of my skin which do become slightly oily became more regulated. It also creates a better canvas for makeup application because the skin is so hydrated which reduces the chances of the makeup caking or clinging to dry patches.


I personally have loved using this product and it has definitely become and essential in my skincare routine. You can pick this up from Castle Pharmacy Waterford and I believe Arnotts Dublin does stock the range as well. Check out their Ren Express Make-Up Remover as well for an epic eye make-up remover.

-Talk Soon xx

Ren Hydro-Boost Tutorial for proper use.

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