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Oh this is a very special post indeed because I’m going to be reviewing a few select products from a newly launched brand here in Ireland, Note Cosmetics. It’s so rare that new brand launches happen in Ireland because we’re such a small country in comparison to the UK and the US. Note Cosmetics as far as I know isn’t a new brand to the market because it is available in Turkey (I personally saw it there when I was on holidays) and other countries but it has only been available on the Irish market for the past month.


All the products that I’m featuring in todays post I picked up from Sam McCauleys Chemist in Waterford. They’ve switched out their Gosh Makeup stand for the Note Cosmetics one. Though the gosh stand will be missed I’m am more than delighted to have something new to play with. For my first product I really wanted to test out their eyeshadows so I picked up their eyeshadow palette in 105 (I’m upset that they don’t name their palettes only number them.)


This palette has five shades in a nice slim compact that weirdly has this half mirror that you can only see your eyes in. Personally for me, either put a full mirror or don’t put one, half way just doesn’t cut it.


The first shade is the highlighting shade and to be honest I wasn’t really impressed with. It has a slight chalky consistence and I found that it really didn’t give me enough of a highlight for the inner corner. This really only works for me to blend with other shadows or for under the brow bone.


The second shade has got to be my favourite from this palette! It’s so beautiful in texture, consistence and blend-ability. Buttery smooth this silver metallic shade applies onto the eyelids like a dream. Truly love this shade and to frank I think all of their shades should have this top notch formulation.


Shade number three I don’t love but I don’t hate. It’s a beautiful colour and it has some of that buttery texture that shade 2 has but it’s just as chalky as shade 1. If I had to pick one to remove from the palette this would be the one.


Fourth shade is a basic matte black. This shade is the main reason why I picked up the palette. I’m sick of brands bring what they call a matte black shade to their makeup lines only for it to be a muddy black, or a charcoal grey trying to be a black. I want to find a true black that doesn’t come from a palette that costs 30 euros. This shade isn’t black enough for my unfortunately. It’s formulation is beautiful and for the price a great shadow to have in your collection but I don’t know if it’s visible in the pic but this shade does have a brown undertone running through that kinda ruins it’s intensity as a black shadow.



For the final shade in the palette Note Cosmetics decided on a black eyeshadow with holographic glitter running through it. This shade is very similar to the second shade in the palette pigmentation and formulation wise. It’s really the perfect shade for creating that lived in smoky eye night out look. Out of 5 this palette is a 3.5 for me but I would repurchase it just for the shades that I love in it.



Other than the palette I also picked up 2 of their eyeliners. One of them is their Ultra Black Liner which is a liquid liner. I am 98% in love with this liner. The pigmentation of it is spot on with how black it is. Formula is nice an creamy with how it applies. My only issue with it is the length of it’s applicator wand is too long…for me that is to get a nice steady grip with it.



The other liner is their Ultra Rich Color Eye Pencils in the shade 02 Cafee (they name their pencils but not their palettes…come on Note Cosmetics!). The formula of this pencil is cream to powder which makes it perfect for getting a blended liner look as it doesn’t set quickly and blends out quite easily.



All in all my thoughts on the line are fairly positive ones in that they have some great products. Overall on the stand, I should mention that color selection wise on the base products they don’t have much. The shades are all for what’s considered (by makeup standards) normal to medium skin tones so us pale girls and dark toned girls can just pretend that the range doesn’t have base products. Other than that I thoroughly recommend you go and check out the line!

-Talk Soon xx


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