Sleek Diamonds in the Rough Collection

Sleek Cosmetics have been hitting the nail on it’s head when it comes to new releases to their line. My problem is I’m finding it so hard to find them in stores to pick them up. You can imagine my delight when I found the entire range of their newly released Diamonds in the Rough collection in Boots, Blanchardstown, Dublin!! I managed to get the palette, the strobing soufflé and the VIP lippie and I’m going to review them for you today.



The palette is definitely the star of this collection. The packaging of the palette is different to the traditional sleek palettes that normally have 12 shadows in that it only has six, is slim and narrow in shape and has this really cool holographic design showcased on the cover of the lid. The palette also comes with a dual ended sponge that isn’t really all that great but I tend to like to use my own brushes anyway so it doesn’t really bother me in all honesty.



Solitaire ¦ Trillion ¦ Princess

  Asscher ¦ Marquise ¦ Radiant

As mentioned there are 6 shadows in the palette in differing shades of bronze and gold. Four of the six are powder shades and their texture is that of a pressed pigment. They blend beautifully and are creamy soft to the touch. Pigmentation is spot on in that some them could definitely be multi-used as a highlighter on the cheekbones if you wanted too.


My least favourite item from the collection has got to be the strobing soufflé. I really was expecting this to be incredible especially because it was the item I was most excited about when the collection launched. The product comes in a very practical tub that has a nice stopper to stop things getting messy should you accidently drop it.


Constantly wise the product very much is whipped and light however it’s completely ruined by the large chunky glitter that they’ve used as the highlighting aspect of it. I mean when it comes to a highlight we’re looking for shimmer, glow, shine! Not Glitter! and it’s chunky 😦 so not worth it in my opinion and a definite dude in my opinion.


I’m currently using this as a brow bone highlight under another brow bone highlight just so that it can be used but really who needs another added step in their life. This shade is called 038 Pink Opal


To round of the collection, they’ve added a lipstick in their Lip VIP formulation which happens to be Semi-Matte. I honestly found this so comfortable on the lips to wear. It’s matte enough not to slide around and be high maintenance but smooth and creamy enough that it’s not drying. I have to give it 5 stars when it comes to pigmentation too.


The colour of this lipstick is a nice cranberry red shot through with an iridescent shimmer effect to give it a 3-dimension effect on the lips. The actual bullet is shaped in a hexagon to illustrate that idea and I love the special and funky look of the bullet. It’s a really nice touch to add to a product. The shade of the lipstick is called 1019 Scandalous


Huge lover of this release from Sleek Cosmetics and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they bring out in the coming months. Now to simply make my life complete I must try and find the other palette and lipstick in this collection called Hidden Gems. Anyone know where they are in Ireland?

-Talk Soon xx

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