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Shadow Switch: Dry Brush Cleaner

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to clean makeup brushes every single time you decide to do a strong eye makeup look. Me, personally I find whenever I use blacks and dark colours that my makeup brushes always look like I’ve used them to clean the fireplace afterwards. I want to introduce you guys to the item that has changed the way I clean my makeup brushes. This is the Beauty Essentials Shadow Switch: Dry Brush Cleaner.


This product is simply a dry coarse sponge in simplistic tin packaging. It can be used by swirling a dirty makeup brush clockwise against the sponge and the brush will instantly become product free! Yes I know! I didn’t believe this would work when I first got it either but after seeing it preform it’s magic with my own eyes I’m certainly  a believer now :). You can now do your entire eye makeup look with the one makeup brush now if you want to.

sam_2173I should say that this sponge only removes powder eyeshadows. I found that it didn’t quite lift cream products completely from my brushes when I tried to clean them with it. But for powder it’s perfect. To clean the sponge you simply wash it once a month with warm water and baby shampoo. It needs to be replaced every three months just to be hygienic (kinda like the Beauty Blender Sponge). I personally think that everyone who works as a professional makeup artist should have one of these in their kit for use in between clients.

Because I was sent this product as a PR sample it’s not in the most updated version of this packaging so I’ve included images of how you’ll receive this product should you  decide to purchase it now. As far as I know it’s going to be available in Sephora Stores. You can currently get this via the Beauty Essential Amazon Store which I’ve linked below 🙂

-Talk Soon xx

Beauty Essentials Amazon Store

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