Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas PR Event

Last Thursday I had the privilege of attending the Crabtree&Evelyn PR event for all their amazing Christmas Gift Sets Releases. Before I get into what I did on the night and how it went I want to give a shout out to the amazing PR girl Moira Halpin who invited me and arranged the entire event and to RDC_Dublin for the invitation as well. The night was nothing short of amazing. The event itself was hosted at the 5 star Merrion Hotel in Dublin.



I have to say I wish I could rewind time and decide to do my wedding in this hotel because it’s just stunning! The room in which the event was in is called the Wellington room and this is one of the main event rooms available in the Merrion Hotel. The RDC_Dublin team had the room beautifully decorated with colours of rich red and gold accents. There were mini Christmas trees placed as centre pieces on each table and surrounding them were the gift sets from the range.


First table had all the sets that had edible products in them. We got a chance to taste both the gingerbread men and the cookies. Each of these come in tins and they were also displayed on a very antique looking trolley that showcased everything food wise from the range. I for one loved the gingerbread men! Sooooooo good.




The second table had all the hand creams arranged beautifully for us to smell and try out. As an added bonus there was a hand massage option available for us to get pampered with. I got the chance to get my hands massaged by the amazing Sinead and she used the Crabtree&Evelyn hand cream in Gardeners to get my hands soft and smooth and stress free!

The third table had all the men’s gift sets arranged and I personally smelled every single scent to see whether or not the scent was overpowering or not. In all honesty I found most of the male scents to be very unisex in natural. They smelt strong but soft as the same time and most of the sets had either full sized products in them or deluxe sized samples that would definitely last you awhile to use up.

Last table in the room had all the women’s skincare and bodycare sets. All of these are officially on my need-to-have list though if I was to buy them all I think I would have to find a new husband haha! Regardless, I think their beautifully packaged and put together very well and selectively.


The night really passed quickly with tons of chatting, canapes and laughing! I meet so many sister bloggers that are talented and have amazing blogs that you have to check out (I’ve linked them below). Leaving we got one of the goodie bags that were arranged on a long table at the head of the room. I’ll be going through what I got in a separate post just so I can review them as well.

-Talk Soon xx

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