Nivea Gift Sets For Him!

There’s nothing worse than not knowing what to buy your hubby or boyfriend or even guy friend for Christmas. To be quite frank I personally find guys hard to shop for. What does one buy a man after they’ve gotten them the go to watch and cologne?! But never fear because as part of my gift guide series in which I select a brand and let you know what sets their releasing for Christmas I bring to you the Nivea Gift Sets….For Him!

Like all these guides I shall be going in order of price and of course in this case the cheapest product happens to be the Stocking Filler. Now I don’t know if husbands and boyfriends should get stocking fillers but buying them this little trinket in any case should do no harm.

Nivea Men Crème Stocking Filler
7 euros
Contains: Nivea For Men All Purpose Shower Crème (150ml)


Something else that comes in around the same price is their Sensitive and Sport Duo sets. These both contain a shower gel and a deodorant which makes them perfect presents for the man in your life’s gym bag.

Nivea Men Sensitive
7 euros
Contains: Sensitive Shower Gel (250ml)
Sensitive Protect Deodorant (150ml)

Nivea Men Sport
7 euros
Contains: Sport Shower Gel (250ml)
Sport Deodorant (150ml)


Moving up a bit in price though not by much when have a slightly cuter set that’s perfect if he’s never tried anything from Nivea before. This is a set of minis and it contains four different products all in deluxe sized samples. It gives him a chance to try a selection from the range and the ones he likes he can go out and buy and continue using if he wants.

Nivea Men-Minis For Him
7.50 euros
Contains: Active Clean Mini Shower
Cool Kick Mini Deodorant
Sensitive Mini Shaving Gel
Sensitive Post Shave Mini Balm


The Classic range from Nivea has always been a popular range amongst guys. It’s got a non-overpowering scent that’s very neutral. The range also generally doesn’t cause any sensitivity however should it, they’ve released a corresponding set to the classic range set in a sensitive version. It’s just a tad bit higher in price of course.

Nivea Men Classic
8 euros
Contains: Originals Care Shower Gel (250ml)
Originals Moisturising Shaving Gel (200ml)
Originals Rehydrating Moisturiser (15ml)


Nivea Men Shave
11.75 euros
Contains: Sensitive Shave Gel (200ml)
Sensitive Post Shave Balm (100ml)


Those are all the sets that Nivea have released this year that are under 10 euros in price. These next three sets are all under 20 euros and really focus on getting a guy the proper skincare and bodycare. I think these are a great way to force men to start cleansing their skin if they don’t already because cleansing for guys is just as important as cleansing for us women.

Nivea Men Essentials
16 euros
Contains: Original Deep Cleansing Face Wash (100ml)
Original Shaving Gel (200ml)
Original Rehydrating Moisturiser (75ml)


Nivea Men Wash Kit
16.75 euros
Contains: Sensitive Shower Crème (250ml)
Sensitive Protect Deodorant (150ml)
Nivea Men Crème (150ml)
Wash Bag


Nivea Men Sport Plus
20 euros
Contains: Sport Shower Gel (250ml)
Sport Deodorant (150ml)
All Purpose Crème (150ml)
Drawstring Sports Bag


This next gift set is the last and final gift set within the Nivea For Men range that their bring out for Christmas this year. This has a price tag of 30 euros but it is the biggest of them all and it contains the most products, most which are full sized.

Nivea Men Sensitive Kit
30 euros
Contains: Sensitive Shower Gel (250ml)
Sensitive Protect Duo (150ml)
Sensitive Shaving Foam
Sensitive Post Shave Balm (100ml)
Sensitive Mini Moisturiser (10ml)


As far as I know these gift sets are available at Boots and Sam McCauley’s. Boots tends to be the better offer as they do a 3 for 2 on gift sets leading up to Christmas. I shall be doing another post like this one but for the Nivea For Women sets that are being released so stay tuned for that.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Nivea™.

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