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Fuschia Makeup Brushes Part 2

So in Part one of this two part review I featured all of the base brushes available in the Fuschia Makeup Brush Kit that I purchased a while back. I did mention in that review that this kit that I’m reviewing today isn’t actually available anymore however they do have an updated version of it on their website which I shall of course link at the end of the post. This kit comes with 4 base brushes which I spoke about in Part one and 7 eye brushes which I’m going to go into more detail in today’s post.



My favourite brush from the 7 is the eye blender brush and this is very similar to the MAC 217 brush which is weird because I don’t actual like the MAC 217 (I know shock horror). This brush is great for applying a wash of cream product all over the lid, blending out shadow, defining the crease and laying down a transition shade. Very much a multi use brush. It’s also the only one in the kit that comes with white bristles out of the eye brushes.





You get 2 shader brushes, one has shorter bristles and is a bit more compact making it great for packing shadow/product onto the lid.




The other has longer bristles which are cut to form a slightly curved angle. At first I though this would annoy me but I’ve actually found it great for getting a shape formed on the outer corner of the eye whilst also being able to apply a second eyeshadow shade.


Brush number four is a pointed shadow brush which is perfect for applying shadow on the lower lash line and for really craving out the crease to achieve that cut-crease look that is very editorial these days.


For the inner corner of the eyes the kit does come with a short bristled detailer brush, perfect for adding any small additions to your eye makeup look.


My second favourite brush is the angled liner brush and I’ve found this the best thing ever for applying gel liner. It’s bristles are so pinched together and long enough that you have flexibility with the brush but it does flare or cause thickness with your application.


There’s also a flat liner brush however I personally didn’t like this for liner application, it’s really not as pinched together bristle wise to get a really perfected application in terms of liner. However I did find it great for eyebrows especially when your using gel like products such as brow pomades and brow waxes.


Let me know what you guys thought about my reviews on these brushes and also let me know if you want me to do a review about the Real Techniques brushes…I think I own them all bar the Bold Metals range.

-Talk Soon xx

Fuschia Makeup Ten Piece Brush Set


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