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Primark Beauty: PS..PRO Lip Scrub

Primark Beauty is very much a hit and miss kind of brand. You either find a product you absolutely love and can’t live without (like their Precise Lip Liners) or you end up with a product you really wish you’ve never bought (like their colour correcting concealers). Either way you tend to not be bothered as it’s so inexpensive that to return the item would just be a faff not worth going through. That being said today I’m going to be talking about a product from their range that I honestly was shocked that it worked so well considering the price point of it. I present to you the PS…Pro Lip Scrub.


Because it’s Primark there really isn’t much to be said about the packaging other than it’s practical. The lip scrub comes in a rather thick plastic acrylic pot that houses 10 grams/0.4 oz of product. This little pot has a pretty decent screw on lid that has the words PS…Pro Lip Scrub written on it in silver metallic lettering. Simple and to the point whilst still looking pretty.


The basic formula of the scrub is what seems to be brown granulated sugar and petroleumย jelly (kinda like Vaseline). It doesn’t smell the ย great, let me be honest about that but because your applying it just for half a minute to exfoliate the lips and then wipe it off with a flannel I found that the smell really wasn’t a problem with a product like this. My thoughts definitely would be different if it was a Lipstick that I was talking about.


The scrub is nice and moisturising while still having enough of a gritty texture to properly exfoliate the lips. I tend to use this twice a week and have found my normally always flaky lips to have greatly improved in appearance. If I decide to use it at night I always follow it up with the use of my Nugg Beauty: Lip Maskย to really hydrate them.


This Lip Scrub is obviously available to purchase from all Pennys/Primark stores that stock the PS…Pro line of Primark Beauty. It has a retail price of 3.50 euros making it a definite bargain compared to the 8.99 euro lip scrub from LUSH.

-Talk Soon xx

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