Bourjois Palettes

I don’t believe I’ve featured anything from Bourjois before on my blog but that’s simply because I haven’t been seeing anything new and exciting being released from them for a good while now. They’ve finally changed, and to my bank accounts delight I’m loving everything their bring out starting with these two incredible palettes.


I bought these palettes from Boots as they were running a 2 for 15 euros promotion however if you want to purchase just the one they retail for 15.49 euros a piece. A bit pricey in my opinion for a drugstore brand but for the quality and the texture of these shadows it is so worth it. The first of the palette is the more wearable of the two and this is the Bourjois Les Nudes eyeshadow palette.


I want to touch really quickly on packaging because it’s one of the nicest that I’ve seen in a while from a brand. The palette itself is made of this sturdy heavy weighted plastic that in no way feels cheap. It comes with a built-in mirror and the cool thing is the lid actually swivels so you can rotate the mirror a full 360º degrees. You get 8 shadows in the palette, their number 1-8 (very un-creative Bourjois!)  and you also get the straight to the bin sponge applicator too.



Palette number two is the Bourjois Le Smoky palette and this has more dark, rich and shimmery shades compared to the Les Nudes palette. I personally like both palettes but if I was to choose I would pick the Le Smoky. Formulation of the shadows is like butter, super smooth and non-powdery. They blend beautifully and only have a little fall down more so with the dark shades than the lighter ones.


With the release of these palettes I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what else Bourjois is planning on releasing for the winter months. These palettes are as far as I know permeant to their range.

-Talk Soon xx

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