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I may have mentioned on Twitter that I was trying out the SachaJuan haircare range and I finally have an idea of what I like about them and what I don’t to give a decent review on them. SachaJuan is a Swedish haircare brand and their philosophy is that taking care of your hair should be simply and fuss free without overriding the fact that you still want to have great hair. For reference for this post I have long hair (roughly 3/4 of my back long) and I wash it every 2-3 days as it tends to get oily by day 3.

Let me introduce you guys to the SachaJuan Normal Hair Shampoo. This is a gentle cleansing shampoo that I found gets rid of any product build-up in the hair without making your hair feel stripped and dry. I love the scent of this, I can’t really explain it but it smells like those really expensive salon-only shampoos that your hairdresser tends to use and you want to know what it is but they won’t tell you kind of scent. (Yes I know….worst explanation ever…)


Packaging for these products is very minimal as SachaJuan as a brand want to emphasize that fact that their all about the basics when it comes to hair. For both products that I’m mentioning today you get 250mls of product in the bottle and you really don’t need a lot for the product to do it’s thing.Β I found that the shampoo doesn’t lather well the first time you pop it into your hair. I found this to be because it’s getting rid of the oils and product build-up that can happen on the days you don’t wash your hair. The second time it lathers beautifully and like I said you really only need a small amount for it to get your hair clean.


Product number two is the SachaJuan Leave-In Conditioner and this is more of a treatment product than an actual conditioner. At least that’s how I like to use it. I like to spray this the day after I’ve had a shower or bath in the ends of my hair and that’s the only time I use it. I find it conditions my hair and keeps it soft right up until I give it another wash.


The spray applicator give a nice fine mist of product, nothing heavy so your hair isn’t overloaded with product. The scent of the conditioner isn’t as nice as the shampoo but I still like it regardless. It’s a bit most intense than that of the shampoo but their on the same tones fragrance wise.

I’ve linked the SachaJuan website below in case you guys want to have a look at these or even have a look at their other ranges. I personally totally recommend SachaJuan as a haircare range and will definitely be repurchasing the shampoo and conditioner the minute I’ve finished this bottle.

-Talk Soon xx

SachaJuan Website

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