Maybelline Master Strobing Stick

So many purchases so little time! I keep salivating over the Maybelline Instagram with all their pictures of their new releases. Now some of them aren’t as interesting as others and I won’t be buying all of the new releases but the ones I do I’m definitely reviewing. Today is the Maybelline Strobing Stick turn. This is a cream highlighting stick that comes in two different shades. It’s also knocked all of my other highlighters aside and taken first place.


Straight of the bat I don’t like the packaging but it is very practical even if it’s not pretty to look at. It works by twisting up the highlighter sort of like a lipstick twists up. The stick may look small but you really only need a small amount to get a desired effect with it. This has 9 grams/0.32 oz of product in it and it retails for roughly 8.49 euros.


I’ve seen a lot of videos where people apply this with either their fingertips or straight from the stick. However I’ve found that applying it with a soft dense brush gives the most intense and blended effect on the skin. If your looking for a subtle highlight then this highlighter isn’t for you. It’s really has a strong intense strobed effect when applied.

sam_2044The highlighter, like I said comes in two shades and I personally picked it up in the shade 100 Light-Iridescent. The other shade is in 200 Medium Nude Glow and that shade is more of a deep gold shade compared to the one I got. The shade Light-Iridescent is a gorgeous light pick shade that is just perfect for us that have pale skin. Formulation wise the highlighter is super creamy but once it’s applied and sets it doesn’t budge.

I absolutely love this highlighter and can’t wait to pick up more of the new releases from Maybelline soon.

-Talk Soon xx


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