Ren Express Make-Up Remover

Something I’ve always struggled with is finding products that are able to effectively remove my eye makeup without causing my sensitive eyes to react to the ingredients in the actual remover. My personal favourite and Holy Grail Product as a eye makeup remover is the Lancôme Bi-Facil but with it retailing at 29 euros a pop it really does put a dent in my spending money so I’m always looking for an affordable option. I think I’ve found though I wouldn’t call it an exact dupe due to the texture and formula being completely different.


The Ren Skincare Express Makeup Remover is a cream makeup remover that can be used to remove an entire face of makeup. Me personally I only use it for the eyes as I like to remove my makeup via cleansing. Similar to Lancôme, you apply it onto a cotton pad, press it against the eyes for a few seconds and then wipe away the makeup. As much as I love this and will definitely be repurchasing it I don’t think it replaces my Lancôme remover simply because the Lancôme is a lot lighter on the eyes texture wise because it’s a liquid rather that than a cream.


The packaging of this product is very user friendly as it comes with a pump to dispense the product. I also love that it’s a clear bottle as you can see when your running close to empty. I tend to reserve the Lancôme remover for when I have heavy makeup and use this more on a daily basis. That being said this does remove waterproof mascara so well done to Ren Skincare for achieving that.


This currently retails for 14 pounds that’s roughly 15 euros and is available in Castle Pharmacy here in Waterford. I will have more reviews on Ren Skincare coming up on the blog soon!

-Talk Soon xx

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