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Fuschia Make-Up Brushes Part 1

Good makeup brushes these days are not hard to come by with some many good brands being on the market like Spectrum, Zoeva, Sigma and of course Real Techniques. That being said most of those brush brands are rather expensive because they tend to sell their makeup brushes individually rather than as a set. And if they do sell them as sets you don’t always get all the brushes that you need or want. Me personally I love Real Techniques as a brush brandΒ and totally recommend them but since they released their bold metals range with a single brush retailing for 22 euros minimum I’ve been a bit withdrawn from them as a brand and so my search for an alternative range began.


Fuschia Make-up is an Irish owned brand and of course I have to support my fellow sisters in anyway I can but honestly it’s not just about supporting them,Β their brushes are actually brilliant quality and well priced. The set that I’m going to be reviewing today isn’t available anymore however they have a more updated version of it present on their website for the exact same price that I paid for mine so I will of course be linking that at the end of the post.


All the brushes are beautifully presented in this black faux leather travel case that I have been using for carrying my brushes during travel since I got this set. It has two sides for clenching in the brushes and then a pencil case centre so you can add eyelash curler or a sharpener if you want or even a few brushes from different brands that you like. The biggest brush in the set is the powder brush and this used to come with a plastic covering however I managed to toss that….whoops


The bristles on this brush like all the brushes are super soft and not scratchy. This brush does have some density to it but just the right amount so that when you apply powder you can get some coverage off of it without it being too caked on.



You also get a dual-fibered stippling brush which I personally love to use for blushes and highlighters. Like all dual-fibered brushes it picks up product with the longer bristles and then blends it out with the shorter bristles for a flawless finish on the skin. The longer bristles are white which I prefer because it allows me to see if the brush is clean or not when I wash it. Speaking of washing these wash beautifully, washed them roughly 10 times now and their still as soft as when I bought them.



Next in line is the angled blush brush which I personally love using for contour and bronzer because of the angle. It really helps to hug the curves of the face. I have found that with this brush it tends to start losing its shape if you over wash it so make sure you pop on a brush guard when its drying so as to maintain that angled shape.


The last base brush in the kit is the Flat Foundation Brush and it’s basically what it says on the tin. A brush that I use to apply my foundation. No matter what foundation you use because of it being a flat brush it will apply it full coverage. I recommend using a stippling brush or a buffing brush if your looking for a more sheer look (real techniques do affordable versions of both of those brushes).


Because this post is already super long and I’ve only done the base brushes I’m going to do the eye brushes in the kit in Part 2 so stay tuned for that.

-Talk Soon xx

Fuschia Makeup Ten Piece Brush Set

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