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Recently I was lucky enough to be sent some makeup brushes from a brand called So Eco. So Eco is a brand that prides itself on being 100% environmentally friendly. Everything they make or produce is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and reusable, including the brushes they sent me. I got sent 7 brushes in total, 2 of which are for face products and the other 5 for the eyes.


The first brush I’m going to talk about is the So Eco Foundation Brush. This is your traditional flat shaped foundation brush that is great for achieving that high coverage look with your base makeup. All the bristles of the brush have been hand-cut and trimmed into shape so it means you have no blunt bristle ends. And yes this makes a world of a difference because these brushes are the SOFTEST I’ve ever used! Even softer than the Real Techniques brushes and that’s saying something because I adore my Real Techniques brushes.


The second face brush that I got is the So Eco Blush Brush and this one is my favourite from all that was sent to me. Again this brush is super soft, almost like having silk brushing your skin when using this.


Size wise, it’s not to big and not to small, it’s perfect for getting blush directly onto the apples of the cheeks. The brush is also dome-shaped which I found helped blend my blush really well as to get no harsh edges or streaks.


The next 5 brushes that I got actually all come in a kit. The kit is called the So Eco Eye Brush Kit and it’s a great kit I think for those of us who are just starting out in makeup and have no clue as to which brushes they should buy. I love the handy travel case that they come in. It’s made out of this canvas like material that is really flexible so you don’t have a bulky case within your travel suitcase.


The first brush in the kit is actually my most used brush out of the five. Because it’s head is so small it’s great for precision work. It may be called Small Eyeshadow Brush but I’ve also found it great for spot-concealing and lipstick application.


Never follow the label guys when it comes to brushes. If it works for you with a certain product use it for that product. Bristles are synthetic so don’t be afraid to use these brushes with cream products.


The second brush in the kit is called the Large Eyeshadow Brush and this is basically the older and bigger sister of the first brush.


I have a ton of this shaped brush in my brush collection because it’s great for laying down a base eyeshadow and blending it all over the eyelid quickly. I also find for concealer you can’t go wrong with this brush either.


Right the kit has been going well up until now, but I have to say I hate this next brush! Yes hate is a strong word but it’s how I feel about this particular brush. It’s the Fine Liner Brush and there ain’t nothing fine about it.


If you look at the bristles in the photo (took these photos the minute I got them so no they are not washed) you can see that they flair out in every direction. This is the same for when the gel is on the brush. Also the bristles in my opinion are too long for easy liner application, they need to be shorter and more compacted into the brush wand to get a nice sharp fine line.



All that being said about the Fine Liner Brush the kit does make up for it by adding in a Flat Liner Brush which I love! Great with black eyeshadow and even better with brow products. It gives great control because the bristles are nice and short and the handles of these brushes are not too long.


Last brush is the Lash & Brow Comb and it basically does what it says on the tin. Nothing special about this brush, you can get it from any brand and it will work the same as this one. The bristles on the brush side are a bit coarse for my taste, I know it’s for brows but they’re still on your face, it does need to be a small bit softer in my opinion than it is.


I have to say that overall I really like this brand for brushes. It’s an added bonus that their 100% environmentally healthy and aware. I totally recommend their face brushes, some the softest I’ve ever used. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

-Talk Soon xx

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So Eco Website


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