Claudia Fallah Foam Gel Active

This cleanser has changed my skin that’s how good it is! Yes I know I’ve kinda spoilt this post by stating that in the first sentence but I just had too because I freaking love this stuff. I won’t lie, I was sent this cleanser by Claudia Fallah herself and since then I’ve been following her on Twitter (@ClaudiaFallah) and the way this woman works and thinks about skincare is just incredible! I really hope this range comes to Ireland soon.#


Anyways onto the product itself. I was sent the Claudia Fallah Azulene Foam Gel Active and this is a foaming cleanser that is great for dull, dry and acne prone skin. The key ingredient as the title of this product might suggest is Azulene. Azulene is a mild astringent which has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties associated with it so it’s great for getting rid of the dirt and the bacteria that can accumulate on the skin.


Even though this is a foaming cleanser is very non-drying and me having combination skin that’s saying a lot because normally foaming cleanser dry out my dry patches even more than they should be. Packaging wise it isn’t that fancy, you get it in a plastic bottle with a handy pump for dispensing it.


The foam that comes out of the pump has a lovely consistency to it. It’s thick initially when it’s dispensed but as you rub it into the skin it thins out to a lather rather than a foam. I love the scent of this cleanser too, smells like lemons and citrus which I love especially in the morning as it’s very refreshing and kinda wakes me up if I’m honest. Oh! And yes I’ve only been using this cleanser in the morning as I like a more heavy duty cleanser for my night cleanse.

-Talk Soon xx

Claudia Fallah Website

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