Nyx Prismatic Eyeshadows

The only thing I’ve ever featured from NYX Cosmetics on my blog is a review of the NYX White Liquid Liner. It’s not that I don’t like the brand NYX, I do, sometimes I even love it. My only issue is that when a brand has products that retail for more than 15 euros/20 euros than it’s not really a drugstore brand it’s very much high end especially in price. NYX cosmetics always markets itself as affordable and drugstore so that’s why I don’t gravitate towards it a lot. That being said I have found something from NYX that is very drugstore in price and that I absolutely love. These are the Nyx Prismatic Eyeshadows.


I’m going to touch briefly on packaging because we all love packaging πŸ˜‰ These eyeshadows don’t come in anything fancy if I’m honest and they shouldn’t need too. The product inside gives this product the wow factor it needs. There’s nothing worse than buying the fanciest product out there in packaging and then it ending up being a bad product. Simple plastic packaging and the clasp comes in the shape of the a bow, too cute!


These shadows are jam packed with really intense pigmentation and really intense shimmer. Formulation wise the shadows are super soft and buttery. The shimmer in them isn’t chunky or flaky and it has an amazing metallic sheen to it when it’s applied. Some of these eyeshadows are dual-chrome and some of them are just really intense single color shades. The two that I’ve picked up are dual-chromeΒ  as I’m a lover of dual-chrome anything lolz :P.


The first shade that I have is very iconic with these eyeshadow range and that’s the shade PS05 Mermaid Sirene. This is a gorgeous turquoise green shade that is shot through with gold/blue shimmer depending on what base you apply it on. I personally love applying these shade over a blue eyeshadow because it brings out the gold shimmer in it. Also if you apply these eyeshadows just to the centre of the lid it makes for a amazing halo effect with your eye look.


The second shade that I own from the range is PS01 Frostbite and this is very much a white based silver shadow that has purple shimmer running through it. I love this for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes. It is so intense that you don’t even need a primer underneath it for it to last all night.


These eyeshadows retail for 7 euros a piece which is super affordable. I personally picked mine up from Boots but you can get these online from NYX also. Have you tried these? And if you have let me know your favourite shade so I can pick it up to try myself.

-Talk Soon xx

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