Flormar Event Tutorial

For those of you who have read my previous post than you would know that I attended the Flormar beauty event that took place in Castleknock Hotel and Country Club on the 18th of September. It was amazing and if you want to know everything that happened then go on an read that post because in this one I’m only going to be writing about the tutorial that was done. The amazing Michelle Regazzoli of MRSMakeup is a famous Irish Makeup Artist and she did a gorgeous bronzed makeup look on the model, Lauren, who is now the new face of Flormar.


In this post I’m going to be going through all the steps she took to create the look that she did. Unfornately I only have images of the final look so your gonna have to use your own intuition when recreating this look.


  •  Beginning with the T-zone area of the face, Apply Flormar Illuminating Primer Makeup Base using the Flawless Wonder Brush No.7
  • Apply the Flormar Double Radiance Primer in a C-shape around the eyes (where you would apply highlighter) using the same brush.
  • Once your primer has set and dried down, move onto the foundation and apply the Flormar Perfect Coverage Foundation using the Flawless Large Angled Brush.
  • Blend the foundation into the skin using the Flawless Wonder Brush No.8
  • Neutralize the eyelids using the Flormar Perfect Coverage Liquid Concealer
  • Prime them using the Flormar Perfection Primer in the shade 04 Bright Illuminator.


  • Starting with the shade EB03 Brown from the Flormar Matte Mono Eyeshadow and apply it all over the eyelid right up to the brow bone.
  • Apply the shade EB04 Dark Ash Brown to the outer corner of the eye and make sure to blend this shade through the crease to create definition.
  • Using the shade M11 Carbon Black and a small brush, define the shape of the outer corner of the eye.
  • From the Flormar 06 Pink Desert palette, apply the lightest shade of the five to the lid area.
  • Press the orange, middle shade from the 004 Golden Caramel palette over the top, avoiding the inner corner.
  • Apply more of the eye primer into the inner corner to brighten the entire eye look.
  • Apply the Flormar Gel Liner in the shade Gel Black in a winged shape to elongate the eye.
  • Apply Flormar Spider Lash Mascara in Deep Black
  • It is optional at this point whether or not you wish to add lashes. For the tutorial, lashes were added and the makeup artist used them from the brand SoSueMe and they are the Chloe lashes from the range.
  • On the lower lash line, reapply the black eye shadow and then blend it using the brown shadow that was used in the crease.
  • Apply the Flormar Triple Action Mascara onto the lower lashes.
  • Finish the eyes with a pop of colour on the waterline using the Flormar Eye Liner in the shade 112.


  • Fill in the brows with the Flormar Gel Liner in the shade Bole Brown
  • Once their filled in, crave out the shape of them by outlining them with concealer above and under the arch only.
  • Set the concealer using loose powder


  • Contour the face using the Flawless Contouring Palette
  • Set the cream contour with the Flormar Bronzer
  • Add Blush (Shade used is Touch of Apricot)
  • Highlight using Flormar Dual Gold


  • Line the lips with the Flormar Lip Liner in the shade 224
  • Apply the lipstick in the shade L10 Chic Aubergine
  • Finish with a touch of lipgloss in the centre of the lips in the shade 112 Royal Purple.


The entire look was then set with the Flormar Makeup Fix Spray. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I know there wasn’t that many images to help with the step by step but hopefully it was easy enough to follow. If not please ask me to go over any of the steps below and I will be more than happy too!

-Talk Soon xx



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