L’oreal True Match Liquid Highlighters

The one brand that has yet to join the strobing trend has finally joined with this new release. L’oreal Paris are known for their True Match range and though it sometimes isn’t true to name, being that most people don’t have a shade in the True Match range, they have definitely hit the ball on the head with their latest release of the True Match highlighters. They have released 3 shades within the range however I believe one of the shades is a US only release so I won’t be mentioning it in this post because I couldn’t actually purchase it. The other two I have purchased and have put to a through test and am ready to share my thoughts on them with you.


Before I get into the product, let’s hit a bit on packaging. The highlighters come in a 30 ml squeezy tube that has a silver lid on it. Each tube colour corresponds to the shade of the actual highlighter. I love how they got even the iridescent that in the highlighter to be reflected in the actual packaging as well. The product is dispensed via a very slim nozzle which again I love because it reduces the possibility of this product become messy in the future. The first shade that I picked up in this range is called 301.R/C Rose Glace Glow


This shade is very much your pale skin girl highlight. It’s soft pink in colour and has a silver pearlescent to it to give you that high shine glow. I prefer this shade from the two but I do love both. Formulation is buttery smooth and it can be blended into the skin with your fingertips it’s that creamy.


The second shade that I picked up is called 101 D/W Golden Glow and this is very much your typical JLO golden bronze glow highlighter. I think the idea with these is that the pink is targeted towards us pale skin gals and the bronze I for warm, olive and dark skin tones. That being said I am able to wear both and my skin is known in the makeup world as Porcelain.


The only thing I didn’t like about these is that they are not good if you apply them over powder. The formulation of these cause the powder to move and hence you end up with a cake strobe rather tan a glow strobe.


I recommend you powder everywhere but where you need to apply this first and then apply this with whatever you use to apply highlighter. I personally use either a fan brush or just my fingertips with this product depending on how intense I want my highlight. Have you guys tried these? Let me know

-Talk Soon xx

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