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I’ve mentioned before on my blog and in my posts that I am a huge advocate in supporting Irish based cosmetic brands. As a result I recently discovered a brand called Sublime Cosmetics and immediately got in touch with them in hope to be able to feature them on my blog.


This company is mostly famous for their self-tanner but I am very much a lover of embrace the paleness of ones skin so I didn’t feel right featuring it on my blog. However they also produce Gel based nail polishes and so I was sent a few to test and try out.


I got sent two formulations and one I liked and the other not so much. Let’s start with the bad one so we can end this post on a high note. This first polish is the Sublime Cosmetics Hybird Gel Polish ad I received both the top coat, base coat and a coloured polish in shade #987 Underwater.


My camera didn’t really pick this polish up in it’s true colour. It’s a lot more vibrant and a lot more blue than the green that’s in the photo. The thing about this polish is that the formulation is so thick that it constantly felt sticky even though it had been cured via UV light. I kept feeling like my polish was constantly only semi-dry even though it didn’t smudge, budge or stick to anything. It just felt sticky to the touch. I also am not a fan of the colour, but that’s more personally preference. This is of course with the base coat and the top coat applied.


The brush on this polishes is nice and wide and great for applying polish to the entire nail in one stroke. Also I will say that after I removed these polishes from my nails, my nails weren’t dry or brittle like most gel manicures cause. The nail polish itself lasted for a full 3 weeks without chipping so other than the sticky feeling these polishes are good….its just the stickiness.


The second formulation that they sent me I absolutely love. I got sent 2 different shades and the first of the two is my favourite mostly because of the shade colour. This shade is calledΒ #133Β Pink VelvetΒ and this polish is the Sublime Cosmetics Peel Off Gel Polish. Yes you read that right, it’s peel off! It’s polish that you apply, cure, and then simply peel off, no acetone required.


Even though they’re peel off, they also last really well on the nails and they don’t have that sticky feeling that the other formulation has. These lasted a little bit less than the other formulation with them chipping in 2 weeks rather than 3 but I still prefer them. My only issue with these polishes is the smell. They smell so chemical like that you need to have a window open when using these polishes. The second shade that I received is called #119 Rose Velvet.

These polishes are available to purchase from the Sublime Cosmetics website which I shall link below. The peel off polishes do have the words Limited Edition written on them but I’m not sure if that is for the formulation or for the shades.

-Talk Soon xx

Sublime Cosmetics Website

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