L’oreal Paris Pure Clay Face Masks

Multi-masking has taken the beauty industry by storm but unfortunately not all the skincare brands on the market know what their doing when it comes to it. One brand that has come out on top is L’oreal Paris with the release of their Pure Clay face masks. They have released three in total, each designed for a specific skin concern though all of them state that they can be used on all skin types. I, myself have picked up all three because Boots where having an incredible offer where each mask only retailed for 7.50 euros so I got all three for less than 25 euros! Bargain!


Let’s start of with the Pure Clay Detox Mask which I believe is the most popular out of the three. This masks is a true clay mask in both texture and colour. It contains charcoal which gives it that really dark black colour. This mask really is for spot/breakout prone in skin because it states that it detoxifies and clarifies the skin, removing all bacteria and dirt from the skin that normally block the pores.


I personally love the smell of this one the most. It has this almost sweet fruity scent to it that’s not to strong and very pleasant especially because your applying this product all over your face. With this product I only found one negative and that is that it stains wash cloths like tar.


Literally ruined one of my favourite cotton wash cloths when I was removing this. It’s not the biggest concern because I now just leave that wash cloth for this one mask but it really should have a warning on it to avoid this happening.


My second favourite from the three is the Pure Clay Glow Mask and this is the only one out of the three that has a grainy like texture to it. This is one to use if you’ve got dry skin or a lot of dry patches associated with your skin type. It states that it brightens and exfoliates which makes it great for using just before you apply makeup for an occasion or night out.


This one doesn’t contain charcoal, instead they’ve used red algae to give it is cool redish colour. This also doesn’t stain your washcloths. Each jar of these masks contains 50 mls of product and though it says 10 applications on the box, you can get more if you apply these thinly. Because these are clay, they apply wet to the skin and then dry giving you a tight, facelifting effect to the skin which is an added bonus with these masks.


The last of the Pure Clay masks is the Purity Mask and this one is my least favourite simply because I experience something that I didn’t with the others. This mask’s main ingredient is Eucalyptus and before I continue I will say that I have Normal/Combo skin for reference. My skin, throughout autumn, winter and spring is Normal but it does get oily in the T-Zone in summer. Saying that my T-Zone is always my problem area. This mask states that it purifies and mattifies and so of course I thought it would be perfect for my sometimes oily T-Zone.


Upon application of this mask specifically onto my T-zone I got a really intense burning sensation right until it dried. Its a burning where you need to get the mask off, it’s just unpleasant and I didn’t experience this effect with the other two masks. Now this effect only happened to my T-Zone and not to the rest of my face (I applied the mask all over) so it’s grand for that. I just have an issue with that fact that I wanted this to mattify my T-Zone and yet I don’t like the feel of it on my  T-Zone so I don’t tend to reach for this one as much as the other two and would personally pass on repurchasing it again.

Let me know how you guys found these masks? I know most of you own them from my comments on the Boots Beauty Haul! post that I featured these in.

-Talk Soon xx

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