Natural Collection Stick Highlighters

So recently I posted a haul that I got while shopping in Boots, and in that Boots Haul I showed that I got the new Natural Collection highlighters, in all three shades. Now highlighters for me are very simple things to test. They either give you that amazing strobed effect straight away or they don’t. For these they are true to the name of the brand in that they do highlight the skin but in a very natural way.


Starting with packaging, it’s nothing fancy. Let’s get that out of the way and with the price for each of these being at just 2.79 euros that’s to be expected really. They all come in this plastic tube, that also has a plastic top. The product twists up to be dispensed. And you don’t get a lot. Each tube only has 3 weeks worth of product if you use it every single day.


The first shade in the range is the lightest and the most intense highlight of them all. The shade is call Rose Glow and this is an iridescent pink highlight with a strong silver undertone running through it. Formulation of these highlighters is super soft, buttery soft and they blend in flawlessly into the skin upon application.


The second shade is called Coral Glow and this is the nicest out of the three highlighters in my opinion. Well it’s the one I like the most. It has a very rose gold colour to it and I think it would be possible to use this as both a highlight and a nice sheeny blush.


Last of the shades is called Copper Glow and this is the most pigmented out of the three. It’s very much your bronzy highlight that I think would look incredible on darker skin tones. For use pale girls, it can very much be used a just a cream bronzer to achieve that JLO glow.


Like I said these retail for 2.79 euros each and are available in every Boots retailer. I don’t think their the best highlighters on the market but they’re certainly not the worst. For just an affordable price you really can’t go wrong with these especially if you want something on a daily basis, that beautiful but also super natural.


Have you guys tried these out? Or any newly released highlighters for that matter? I would love to know about them so I can maybe give them ago so let me know about them below.

-Talk Soon xx

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