Boots Beauty Haul!

I’m going to quote Britney Spears and say “Oops I did it again” in that I went into Boots to get two things and came out with what I would only call a haul of goodies. I mentioned on Twitter (@SooSoBeauty) that I went to the Blanchardstown Boots and only managed to find 1 shade of the Natural Collection highlighters. I wanted all three shades so I headed to my parents house here in Waterford and headed straight into town the following day to hunt them down…..I got the 2 shades…and other things to haha 😛 I hope you enjoy this haul.


It only seems fitting that I start off with what caused me to make a big dent in my bank account. These are the newly released Natural Collection stick highlighters and as you can see from the picture their are three shades within the range. Natural Collection is really a brand that’s aimed for those of us that are just getting into makeup new. It’s super affordable with everything in their range retailing for only 2.79 euros.



The first shade from the range that I got is called Rose Glow and this is very much a pearlescent pink that has a slightly metallic sheen when applied onto the cheekbones.



The next shade that I got is called Coral Glow and this one has a bit more pigmentation in it. True to it’s name it has a very coral based tone to it. When applied it has a golden shimmer effect running through it.



Last shade is called Copper Glow and this would be the darkest and most pigmented from the range. I think this one would be most suited to those of use with a darker skin tone but I think us pale girls can get away with using it as a blush/bronzer product.


I then headed to the L’oreal counter to see what new releases they had going on. With highlighters being everywhere these days, they too had new highlighters on display. And with a 3 for 2 offer I couldn’t resist. My mother ended up picking the L’oreal cushion foundation for herself so I won’t be showing that but I picked up both shades of the L’oreal True Match Highlighters.


The first of the two is called Icy Glow and this is what I would consider the perfect shade for pale skin girls. It has a lovely soft pink sheen to it and a cool undertone too. The marketing behind this state that it can be used to prime the skin. To blend in with foundation. And to highlight the skin over foundation.



The second shade that I got is Golden Glow and this is such a stunning gold shade that I would love to convert into a eyeshadow haha. Really shiny, really pigmented and so easy to blend and apply onto the skin.


Last makeup item that I got is from NYX, now I will quickly mention that I did pick this up when I was in Blanchardstown Boots and not Waterford because Waterford doesn’t have a NYX counter. Of course you can always order any of these products of the Boots website (which I shall of course link below). I got the NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow in the shade PS05 Mermaid.


I think they named this eyeshadow perfectly. It’s a teal based eyeshadow with a gorgeous dual-chrome effect in the colour blue and gold. Super pigmented  and the formulation is just as creamy as a pressed pigment. Packaging is nice and cute, with the lock bit in the shape of a bow! Sucker for packaging lolz xx


Moving on from makeup, I got super excited when I went to the skincare lane and saw that they had the L’oreal Pure Clay masks in stock! I’ve been on the hunt for these for ages and am so happy that I managed to find them. I picked up all three of them and will hopefully do a review of them as soon as I’ve put them to the test.


The first of the three masks is the Pure Clay Detox Mask and this is for skin that requires it to be detoxified and clarified. It’s black in colour and I have to say it make look scary but it smells amazing.


The second one is called Pure Clay Purity Mask and this is for skin that requires it to be purified and mattified. I think this one would be perfect for those of you that have oily skin but L’oreal does state that these masks can be used on all skin types.


The last of them is the Pure Clay Glow Mask and this is perfect for brighten and exfoliating skin. It’s the only one out of the three that has a grainy feel to it.

That’s everything I picked up at Boots today guys! I love all my purchases and can’t wait to get into using them all. I will definitely be doing a review on the masks but if you guys want a review of anything else let me know below and I will try my best to get it up for you guys. Let me know what you’ve recently picked up from Boots (or any drugstore for that matter).

-Talk Soon xx

Boots UK Website





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