NYX White Liquid Liner

Inspiration has struck me in the form of white liquid liner. I’ve been hooked for the pass few days on Instagram which has resulted in me seeing over 50 different graphic liner looks. All of the looks have white eye liner incorporated into them somehow. Some had a double wing effect, with one wing being black and the other white. Some had that really intense ombre effect. There were others but those were the ones that caught my eye the most. But I digress, all these looks sent me on a little mission to find a GOOD white liquid liner and I think I’ve found it ;).


This is the NYX White Liquid Liner and it has one of the nicest formulation I’ve ever used in a liner. Before I get too ahead of myself, let’s talk packaging. The liner comes in this really slim white tube. It’s all white except for the writing which is in black. I love the contrast of the black against the white. It’s very much graphic which fits in perfectly with what the product is intended for.


The actual formulation of the product is so creamy and applies so smoothly in one single swipe. It’s pigmentation is also very opaque meaning no bald patches in your winged liner when you use this product. The applicator of the liner is in my opinion just the perfect length to be able to have control over the shape of your wing.


The brush is a bristle brush, and they are cut perfectly in order to come to a nice fine point for precise application. I love that the bristles are long too, because it means you don’t have this long wand for a handle then barely anything for actual application.


As far as I know this liner comes in coloured versions as well and their known as the NYX Vivid Brights Liners, there are 8 different shades in that range. They both retail for the same price at 7.75 euros.


There is also a black matte version of this liner also for the same price. I personally picked mine up at my local Boots and have been loving it ever since. Let me know if you’ve tried anything Instagram inspired lately. There might be new trends I wanna try.

-Talk Soon xx


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