Top 5 Summer Makeup Products under 10 euros

With Summer almost over I thought today would be the perfect day to do this post especially seeing as the sun has been shining all day and there is not a cloud in sight 🙂

In this blogpost, I’m gonna show you some of my favourite summer makeup products and the best bit is, they’re all under 10 euro. I’ve been using all of these products for the past couple of weeks so rest assure that they’ve been tried, tested and approved! Let’s begin 😉

Top 5 (1)

Product number 1 is ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder. I got this at eyeslipsface.co.uk for 4.86 euros and it is such a steal for the amount of product you get! This is duo is really handy for the makeup travel bag as the packaging is simple, sleek and also feels sturdy. I’m all for multi functioning products when I’m traveling so it’s definitely one of my makeup bag staple products. These are available in 3 shades and I picked St Lucia as I heard that this is an exact dupe for the Nars Orgasm & Laguna duo. Blusher – It is very pretty in the shade of peachy pink with a hint of golden shimmer, perfect for summer makeup looks. The shimmer is barely visible and it gives a healthy glow on the skin without being too overwhelming. This blusher will suit light to medium skin toned girls and as you can see in the swatches below, it’s a very light blush. I had to dip my brush twice, even three times to get the pigmentation I needed but I didn’t mind that as I favour the natural look during the day.

Top 5 (2)

The bronzer- It is very, very pigmented unlike the blusher. Ladies with light skin tone might want to be careful with this one! It also has a barely visible light golden shimmer, it looks lovely applied all over the face for a bronzed look or you can use it for contouring too. Although I prefer a matte bronzing powder for contouring, the shimmer is barely noticeable so I don’t mind it as much.

Top 5 (3)

The second product is Wet n Wild Coverall Pressed Powder in Medium which I picked up from my local Dunnes store for less than 4 euros. They are available in 3 shades, Light, Medium and Medium/Dark. I was immediately drawn to this product because it promises ‘ all day wear, radiant, and weightless finish’ – as outlined on the back of the packaging. It does look very yellow in the pictures below, but in real life it does not look overly yellow at all. This powder will suit both pink and yellow skin toned girls, the shade is quite neutral. When I was shopping/looking at the products, Wet n Wild counters got a minus point from me…they don’t provide you with any testers for their foundations and powders! It’s fine for the powders because you can see through them and match them onto your skin, but I did pick up a foundation as well and it didn’t match my skin at all :(.

Top 5 (4)

Anyways, the powder itself is good, it does what it says on the tin. I apply this powder using a flat top brush and it gives a semi-matte look and I don’t find the need to re-apply it during the day. I think this powder will work really well for those with oily/combination skin. One tip – do not swirl your brush on the powder as it is really finely milled! If you apply too much pressure/swirl it too hard, you will get powder flying everywhere!

Top 5 (5)

So let’s move on to our summer nails! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Barry M nail polishes! They are affordable, the quality is great and the nail polishes are available in a wide range of colours, so what’s there not to like? They currently retail for 5.99 euros each in Boots and I always stock up on these everytime they have their 3 for 2 offers. Two of my favorites for this summer are Rose Hip and Lychee. Rose Hip is a soft pastel pink and Lychee is a milky nude. I find myself gravitating towards the pastel tones for nails because I tend to wear colorful dresses and accessories so I want them to stand out and have clean, soft looking nails.

Top 5 (6)

My favourite lip balms at the moment are the Nivea Lip Butters. These are fast becoming one of drugstore cult products and I can see why, they are creamy, moisturizing and smell delicious! I got mine from Boots for 2.95 euros each. I have the Original version and Vanilla & Macadamia. They are also available in Raspberry and Caramel. I really like them because the hard shelled, small tins are compact for traveling (you can put them into your jeans/jacket pocket and they don’t bulge out) and you get a lot of product (16.9 g/19 ml) for what you pay.

Top 5 (7)

I’ve had the Vanilla one for a few weeks now and barely made a dent on its surface. I also like the feel of these lip balms on my lips – not too heavy or sticky. It gives a light moisture plus super yummy scent! If you have super chapped lips you might want to look for other more intense lip balms as these won’t be enough to soothe them. I might pick up the other two variants sometime this summer, I just can’t get enough of them, haha.

Top 5 (8)

Last but not least is the Essence lipstick in 53 All About Cupcake. I picked this up from Penneys for 2.49 each and I have 3 of them…all in the same shade! This is also one of my staple products for the summer, I’ve actually been using these since last summer and I find myself buying more because I have a habit of leaving them inside my handbags-great for touch ups. Although it looks coral/red-ish in the picture below, it is much lighter and pink toned in reality and it is also definitely a ‘my lips but better colour’. The formula is great (non-sticky and light) although this could also be a drawback of the product as you will need to re-apply every 2-3 hours (that’s why I have one in every handbag haha).

Top 5 (9)

So that’s it for my summer makeup essentials all under 10 euros! Do you guys have any affordable drugstore makeup essentials for the summer we all should know about? I’d love to know so please leave me some comments below. Hey, that rhymes!!

-Talk Soon xx

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