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Nugg Beauty: Lip Mask

Masks are exploding! I don’t mean literally of course I simply mean that their become very popular and almost every brand under the sun has decided to bring out their versions. Nugg beauty is a very special brand with regards to masks because it really does specialize in them and is known as The Face Mask Authority. All of their masks are formulated using a new type of technology called Natural Oil Dispersion Technology. Now I’m not very techy and have no clue as to how complicated that technology is but I found their masks to be very gentle, great for sensitive skin and non-drying. Today I’m going to focus on their Lip Mask but I will have future posts all about their face masks and another one all about their eye masks.

Nugg Beauty: Intense Lip Boosting Mask: “This highly nourishing mask is a delicious treat for your lips. Shea Butter & Coconut Oil help to hydrate and soften lips, while liquorice root complex helps to create the highly sought after plumping effect.”


Let’s start with packaging. It’s so super cute! Oh my god I’m in love with it. The product comes in this small but compact spherical gold ball-shaped acrylic pot. It has a really reflective surface the ball so it’s very eye-catching to look at. I personally love the size of it for handbag purposes if I’m honest because I carry so many lip products so I’m glad this doesn’t take up much space.


Formulation wise the texture of the mask is very thick and it should be applied thickly on the lips. This isn’t one for applying on the lips and heading out because it does have a white cast to it when applied. I personally use this before bed and just leave it sink in while I sleep.


I should mention that I’m a person who is very very prone to having dry, dehydrated chapped lips almost 70% of the time. I mostly wear lip balms and hydrating lipsticks because they tend to be so dry. After using this once, and I mean once, I woke up with soft, flake free, plump lips. And I can now wear matte lippies without worrying about my lips reverting back to being a chapped mess. Have you guys tried out these masks? I wanna know what you use for when you have chapped lips please πŸ™‚

-Talk Soon xx

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