Skincare Bits from Turkey!

Being back in Ireland is both a good thing and a not so good thing! I love being back simply because I love Ireland, at the same time though who would want to leave a beautiful city like Antalya with all it’s sun and amazing food! Being back does mean one thing though, I get to share all my little purchases with you. I’ve already done a Mini Jewellery Haul of all the jewellery that I got, and I’ve also recently shown all the Makeup Bits that I got too. Today I’m going to be focusing on all the skincare that I picked up because I think skincare is something everybody likes to try when they’re in a different country.


First item is more of a body-care item in that it’s actually a deodorant. This is the Yves Rocher deodorant and it’s in the scent Pomegranate from Spain. I picked this up firstly because I was in a hot country at the time and deodorant is a must and I was close to finishing mine. And Secondly because it has the words 0% Aluminum on it and those are the only types of deodorant I buy.



For those wondering yes it does smell exactly like pomegranates do. Packaging wise it’s perfect. Small enough to carry around but not to small that you’re not getting enough product and your money’s worth. Applicator is just you basic roller-ball set-up. It applies clear also, no white residue at all.


From the same brand Yves Rocher I also picked up their 3 minute Cooling Effect Mask in Cranberry. I will say I have tried better masks than this one in my life but I do like this mask all the same. It applies clear which I was disappointed about because it’s a gorgeous soft pink out of the tube. A tube of this contains 50mls of product, so you get roughly around 15-20 uses depending on how little or how much you use.


Even though this has 3 minutes written on it I personally always leave my masks on for longer. This one I left on for a good solid 30 minutes. The instructions on the back indicate to rinse it off once finished, however I found that the mask pretty much had absorbed into my skin. I did cleanse anyways afterwards, but I didn’t find any residue was removed.


Staying in theme with masks, I did pick up a sachet mask, from what looks to be Superdrug own brand of skincare. Though I don’t know if Superdrug has it’s own brand because it wasn’t Superdrug that I got this from. Let me know guys cause I honestly haven’t a clue. Anyways this is the Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask and I love anything that has the words Dead Sea written on them.


The sachet contains 15mls of product, I got 3 uses out of mine. This is a very intense mask I will say that. When I first applied it I had the strongest burning feeling that I was worried about my skin being allergic (though of course I checked the ingredients, all good stuff). I decided to risk it and leave it on and after roughly 5 minutes it started to give this amazing cooling sensation to my skin. It being a clay mask it also dried and began to tighten my skin and pull out all the bad stuff from my pores.


For cleansing I brought my Bioderma Hydrobio Cleanser (review here) with me from Ireland. But because I use it on a daily basis I’ve started to run out. Just give me an excuse haha! I went out an bought a new cleanser from the Diadermine Essential Care range. This one is also an exfoliating cleanser but it also has peeling properties in it too. By that I mean it promotes new skin turn-over, kinda like AHA’s would.


I can’t use this everyday because it is harsh on the skin, so I do tend to use this day in, day out. It really removes any bumps that might be surfacing on my skin. I find it perfect for cleansing right before I apply a mask because it gives me a nice clean, smooth canvas to work with. You get a full 100mls of product in a tube.


Last item skincare wise that I got is a SPF Lip balm. I’ve been using the La Roche Posay SPF Stick but unfortunately it broke when I traveled from Antalya to Istanbul for a week. When the packaging started to get messy I decided it was time I replaced it. I ended up picking this Watsons Magic Lip Balm with SPF 30.

For those of you wondering, the “Magic” thing about it is that it adapts to the tone of your lips to give you a soft pink shade. Packaging is nice and compact making it great for carrying around. You get 1.7 g of product and I personally found it nice and hydrating on my always chapped lips :).

If you guys are interested in seeing all the makeup that I picked up in Turkey then I’ve already done an entire post here: Makeup bits in Turkey!

-Talk Soon xx

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