Makeup Bits from Turkey!

I’m finally back from Turkey! And wow what an amazing holiday it was. For those of you wondering I went for the entire month of July and the first 4 days of August. I was in the beautiful city of Antalya and every single day that I was there I visited all the famous tourist sites like the Old bazaar and the Antalya Aquarium. Of course in between those touristy visits I had to check out the malls and beauty boutiques that they have and of course that resulted in some cheeky purchases πŸ˜‰ . Today I bring you all of my cheeky purchases from my holiday in Antalya.


I’m gonna go through these products in the order that I purchased them just to make things easier. The very first product I purchased I got from the shopping centre MarkAntalya. I picked up an Eye Brightening Cream from the brand RL De Young. This is a hybrid product, making it a cross between a paint pot and a primer.


It’s not pink even though it looks it in the pan. It swatches a more iridescent colour but it is very glittery I will say that. I personally think this would be the perfect base for any looks that you would require to wear glitter in. Packaging isn’t the greatest as it’s just plastic with a cheap screw on top. This retailed for 8 tl which would make it roughly 2.95 euros.


There are two very popular brands here in Turkey that most of the girls tend to purchase from. One of them is called Golden Rose and the other Flormar which we actually have in Ireland though it’s not as popular. I of course got products from both brands. From Golden Rose I got their Extreme Sparkle Eyeliner in the shade 103.



This is a gold, intense sparkly eye liner that I though would be perfect for either a gradient liner or even just to pop in the inner corner on the lower lash line when doing a standard black wing. It’ll just add a bit or dimension to the eye look. Packaging is a bit more lux than everything else that I’ve bought as is pigmentation and formulation.




Personally I prefer the other brand Flormar and to be honest the minute I’m able to wake up from the jet lag to go out, I shall be taking a closer look at the line in question. Purchased three products from this line, an eyeshadow, a liquid shimmering body oil and another eye liner. The eyeshadow is part of their FLASH collection and I got the shade 04 Peachy Dazzles. This is a baked eyeshadow meaning that it is multi-dimensional when swatched. Love the colour, love the packaging and branding of the whole line.


Product number two was very much an impulse buy! I honestly love anything shiny and this bottle was screaming at me with the shine. This is the Flormar Shimmering and Illuminating Body Oil and it’s perfect for applying under your foundation for an illuminating base or applying on your body for that sunkissed glow.


My third purchase from the line is very similar to the liner that I picked up from Golden Rose however this product is a bit of a two in one situation. It’s called a MascaraLiner and that’s basically what it is.



The applicator of this product has a Mascara part meaning you can use it as a mascara and it also has a liner brush meaning you can use it as a simple liner. They only had it in this shade so I had to get it in gold.



Last eye related item that I got is another eyeshadow however this one has a gel formulation associated with it. You apply it like a paint onto the eyelid before applying your eyeshadow. The closest thing I can compare it to would be the NYX Jumbo eye pencils in Milk and Cottage Cheese. This eyeshadow is from the brand New Wells Skin Naturals and has no shade name unfortunately.



Last makeup item that I got is actually a highlighter. I got the Kiss Beauty Loose Highlighter. and this is a loose pigment highlighter. I found the applicator of this interesting in that it’s actually a sponge that you press against the tops of your cheek bones to apply product. Love the pay-off this product gives! Literally you shine like a diamond with this product.


That’s everything that I managed to pick up make-up wise. I know it’s a long post so that’s why I’m going to put the skincare bits into a separate post just so it’s not overload in this post. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about what I got from Antalya but let me know any new purchases you got. I’m back in Ireland with a month of new releases needing to discovered haha!

-Talk Soon xx

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