Mini Jewellery Haul

I’m in Turkey and when one is in Turkey one likes to do quite a bit of shopping. Especially when everywhere I go the streets are lined with small shops and mini carts and Bazaars that sell the most beautiful piece for less than nothing. Monday I went to the Duden Waterfalls here in beautiful Antalya, and when leaving there was an opportunity for a little spending.SAM_1564

Above is an image of the actual waterfalls.


First item I purchased in my little haul is a watch. This cost me only 15 tl which is roughly 5 euros. I was really drawn to the gorgeous blue of the flowers and to be honest we rarely get designs like this in Ireland. It’s a got a very antique feel to it because of the metal.


I couldn’t say no to buying something to accessorize my hair so I picked up this gorgeous jewel-encrusted clip. Again going with blue because I needed it to match a dress that I bought here in Turkey.


Next item is this gorgeous white bracelet! They had so many colours to choose from but I personally was drawn to the brightness of the white. It has this nice diamond shaped gem in the centre and I also love that they used gold hardware to surround it because I prefer it to silver.

Last purchase is actually for my handbag! I hate when a person is touching up their makeup on the bus or on the train and their using this small cutout mirror that isn’t the nicest thing to look at. Of course everyone has their own tastes but I personally love having a little compact that just as pretty to see as it is to hold. This mirror only cost 5 tl which is only 1.50 euros and its got this amazing design of two intertwined grapes on the front. The mirror itself is a dual mirror, one side is just a normal mirror and the other is one of those that make everything enlarged.


That was everything I picked up from that store. Walking forward a few steps we came across this beautiful stand that sold glass pieces as jewellery and I couldn’t say no! They are so cute! I picked up a total of 3 pieces, two of which are a set. I’m a lover of Fairies and adore anything associated with them.


I picked up this chain and earrings because of that. The fairy piece has these coloured wings and you can choose any colour you desire. I choose purple obviously because it’s my favourite colour. The earrings are also very light in the ears, I can’t even feel them on.


Last purchase was one that caught my eye right before I paid for the fairy pieces. it’s another necklace and this time I decided to change the colour. I went for a light periwinkle blue. The shape of it is like a cyclone and I just found it different and unique. All these pieces came to a total of 20 tl which is roughly 6.50 euros.


That’s everything I got jewellery wise. I of course have been shopping and picked up some fashion pieces but those shall be for another post. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what new pieces of jewellery you bought recently.

-Talk Soon xx

P.S. tl stands for Turkish Lera.


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