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DuWop Lip Venom

When I did my review of the DuWop Sundrops I may have mentioned that they also sent me their very much famous Lip Venom to try also and I have tried it out. I’ll be honest, it’s not a favourite or a holy grail product but it’s not a bad product either.


Let’s start with packaging.It has a sort of test tube idea associated with it. The other holder is made 100% of cardboard which is great and I love because most people would recycle that anyways and keep the smaller tube. The smaller tube personally for me is too small. You only get 3.5mls of product which for a plumping product isn’t much. Packaging of the smaller tube is glass with a plastic silver top and a plastic bristle brush.


Because the tube is quite small, so is the applicator and so it do take a while for you to spread the product across the lips with such a tiny brush. Plus I found that even though it’s small and so you would think it’s great for the bag….but it’s almost impossible to find this little thing in a purse. I think if this went missing you have to rule out ever finding it to be honest.


Formulation of the actual gloss is very thick and very sticky! The shine of it is beautiful and because it’s slightly tinted it does give you that juicy effect. Because it’s a plumper it does sting…it depends how much of sting you can handle. If you can handle a lot than you’ll love this and if you can’t well you’ll hate it. Me personally I can handle it but my lips are 70% of time chapped so I don’t get the wear time out of a product like this that most people do.


This product really is a hit or miss, you’ll either love it or hate. For me I’m in between. But it does do what it says and that is volumise the lips and make them look bigger. Product retails for 16 dollars, that’s roughly 14 euros.

-Talk Soon xx

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4 thoughts on “DuWop Lip Venom

      1. I’ve actually only tried one that my best friend had, it felt weird but not too sore, but that was a while ago! I was wondering if it was worth me buying one as I’m in town :p x

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      2. They’ve changed the formulation I think a while ago so I think it’s worth a shot. Get a tinted shade though, the clear one just burns your lips off haha xx let me know what shade you get if you decide to get one. Happy shopping 😉😉


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