DuWop Sundrops

As most of you know I’m away on holiday in Turkey however that doesn’t stop me from blogging and reviewing products that I’ve taken away with me. Before leaving Ireland I got in touch with DuWop Cosmetics and they kindly sent me a little package in the post with two of their products from their online website store. I’ve decided to do two separate posts, on post for each product as I’ve been loving them so much I honestly think they deserve it. For this post I’m featuring their DuWop Sundrops.


I personally found this to be a great dupe for my recently reviewed Sleek Makeup Barekissed Illuminators. The only difference between them is the way this products sets and the colour. Before I get to ahead of myself let me make a quick comment on the packaging. The product comes in a pump dispenser bottle. I believe its completely plastic, even the clear bit. Aesthetically it isn’t the most pretty of bottles and the pump part of it doesn’t have a tube that leads into the bottle mean you kind have to turn the bottle upside down before being able to use the pump to dispense product.

SAM_1467Texture wise the formulation is nice and thick but applies very smoothly to the skin. Coverage depends on the amount of product that you dispense obviously. The only thing is that this formulation compared to the Sleek Makeup Barekissed Illuminators takes longer to set, and has a bit more tackiness to it when applied.

SAM_1451I love the colour of this product! The shade is like a rustic bronze, and the shimmer running through it is lovely fine silver particles that have the most beautiful effect on the skin in the sun! I personally love applying this product in place of a bronzer and even sometimes bring it onto my neck and chest area for that added special touch.

SAM_1458As far as I know this product retails for 28 dollars (roughly 24 euros) so its a little bit more expensive than the Sleek versions however you won’t find the same colour within the Sleek Range. You get 18 mls of product in total. My next post from DuWop Cosmetics will feature their Lip Venom which is their icon product and what their known for. Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

-Talk Soon xx

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