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BareMinerals Pop of Passion Lip-Oil Balm

“Lips that pop with pure passion”

Is the motto that comes with the  Pop of Passion lip-oil balms that bareMinerals have launched last summer. They’ve released 8 shades within the range and the color that I picked up is the shade CANDY POP.Pop2

Getting it out there now, I really like this product. Let’s start with packaging, each lip-oil balm comes in these gorgeous bright fun boxes that correspond with the actual products lip shade, which is a small thing but its still a great feature. I know the countless times I’ve selected a shade I like within a lip product, only to come home and find it’s the wrong one because the sales-lady got it mixed up because they’re all packed in the same coloured boxes. So the outer box coming in the shade of the lip product is a great thing for me.


Inside the pretty box, comes the tube of lip-oil balm. I have to say, even though the tube is bright and summery it isn’t all that sturdy. I find that the lid does come off a bit too easily, so I don’t know how this would fair in the constant movement of my purse which is why I’ve been keeping it in it’s original outer box (normally I throw it away the minute I use the lip product).


As I’ve mentioned the shade that I got is CANDY POP and this is your traditional bubblegum, rosie pink shade. The formulation of these is long lasting. When you first apply it, it does give an intense colour pay-off but as you wear it and eat etc,. it does reduce itself down to a stain. I have to say I also found it to be very hydrating and moisturizing on the lips without that typical greasy feeling you can sometimes get with some oil based products.


Initial Application (High Pigmentation)


After A Couple Of Hours (Stain Pigmentation)

As far as I know these lip products are added to the bareMinerals permanent line so there’s no rush to get them. I bought mine for 19 euros but you can get them for cheaper if the store does 10% offers on its beauty products throughout the seasonal months.

That’s it for now guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

-Talk Soon xx

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