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Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liners

Lip liners from the drugstore tend to be general misses in my book! I rarely ever find one that has a good enough formulation that doesn’t dry out my lips or smear everywhere because it’s too soft. That is until I was in desperate need of an orangey red lip liner and none of the high-end stuff was doing it for me. I took a wander around Boots and decided to take a chance on the Rimmel Liners. I have to say I’m glad I did. They’re the perfect consistency formulation wise. Their soft but not too soft, they set on the lips but cause no dryness whatsoever. I picked up another two on a different day due to my being impressed and so I’m happy to be able to review all three of the liners that I own.


First up is the one that started it all, the shade 104 Call Me Crazy, and this lip liner is a true orangey red shade. The shade is really vibrant both in packaging and on the lips. These are twist up pencils and they do have a slanted tip in order to make application on to the lips easier. Honestly the tip dissolves after the first use so you’re left with just a regular rounded tip.


I personally like using this shade for under red lipstick because it gives it a bit more of an intensity in pigmentation. Also this shade is great for when you want to create a gradient lip with a darker lipstick because it sort of creates a 3D dimensional look to the lips making them look bigger.


Next shade that I own is called 064 Obsession and to be honest I don’t really use this as a lip liner because it’s so pigmented and dark that it really can be worn on it’s own and without lipstick. I should mention that the formulation of these lipsticks is ver long lasting and extremely butter. The will last for a good solid 8 hours on the lips without touch ups even if you eat food.


The last shade that I own is one that is raved about by the Youtuber and Blogger Amelia Liana and that’s the shade 063 East End Snob. Because she raved about it so much and even compared it to the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in the shade Pillow Talk I said that I would have to try it out for myself.


This shade is the perfect barely there lip liner. You can literally use it to trick the eye into thinking your lips are bigger than they are by outlining the lips slightly (and I mean slightly don’t go crazy guys!)  over the edges. Is it an exact dupe for Pillow Talk….I personally don’t think so, I compared them in store and Pillow Talk is a lot more neutral in colour. This shade is more on the mauve side compared to Pillow Talk.


Those are all the shades that I own from the range. I hope you guys end the post and if you have any other inexpensive drugstore lip liners in mind please feel free to share them below

-Talk Soon xx

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