Estee Lauder: Genuine Glow Range

Estee Lauder have just emailed me with an exciting new range for their summer months. They have released an entire range called Genuine Glow and is a collection of products used to illuminate your natural glow whilst still keeping things fresh and hydrated. I love the concept of this range and so I’ve pulled together all the products within the collection. Hope you like!

-Talk Soon xx

Genuine Glow Priming Moisture Balm
Price: 38 Dollars/34 euros approx.

“Lightweight balm hydrates, perfects, primes skin.”


Genuine Glow Priming Moisturising Eye Balm
Price: 38 dollars/34 euros approx.

“Lightweight balm hydrates, perfect, primes eye area.”


Genuine Glow Reviving Tint
Price: 20 dollars/18 euros approx.

“Oil-Rich Formula Delivers Sheer Color For Lips.”


Genuine Glow Blushing Crème For Lips And Cheeks
Price: 22 dollars/20 euros approx.
Available in 2 shades

“A Rush of Sheer, Illuminating Color”

Peachy Keen (Shade 1)

el_sku_RENC02_558x768_0 Sweet Cheeks (Shade 2)

el_sku_RENC01_558x768_0Genuine Glow Eyelighting Crème for Eyes and Face
Price: 20 dollars/18 euros approx..
Available in 3 shades

“Crème Highlighter to add a natural looking glow.”

Bare Blush (Shade 1)


 Sweetest Thing (Shade 2)



Gleam Glow (Shade 3)


Disclaimer: All Images used in this post have been used for illustrative purposes and not for profit gain. All images have been acquired via the Estee Lauder Website and hence remain property of Estee Lauder TM.

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