Urban Decay Heavy Glitter

So we had the affordable black eyeliner with glitter with the Maybelline New York MasterInk and we had regular glitter eyeliner that was also affordable with the Collection Glam Crystal Liners and in both of those posts I mentioned the Urban Decay Heavy Glitter liners being the high end version. I should mention that both the Maybelline and the Collection liners are good and work just as well as the Urban Decay. The only reason I’m doing this review is because I know some people (myself included) like owning both the affordable version and the high end version.


Packaging wise its very basic nothing fancy. It comes in a clear acrylic tube that allows you see the glitter colour without opening the tube. The lid is silver and its the same for the other shades within the range. I personally used this product on my wedding day because I did a glitter cut crease look and this lasted for the entire night. Once it sets it does not move.

SAM_1239 Applicator wand is a bit short for me but makes for great precision work when it comes to actually applying the glitter. The brush does come to a nice point and is nice and fine. I should mention that when you pull the wand out of the tube you don’t get an overload of product on the wand. Also the product itself is very buildable meaning you can apply it, wait for it to dry and then add some more and the stuff that set won’t move around.


The actual glitter is finer than that of the Collection glitter liners and that’s to be expected given the higher price tag. The gel that the glitter is in also isn’t as sticky as the Collection liners either, again for the same reason. These Urban Decay liners retail for 19 euros each and I believe there are 7 shades within the range. The shade that I own is called Glamrock. The other shades in the range are: Distortion, ACDC, Spandex, Amp, Junkshow, Midnight Cowboy. Let me know if you own any of these shades.

-Talk Soon xx


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