First Week In Turkey

Heya guys! I’m saying hey all the way from Antalya, Turkey πŸ™‚ Me and my family including my husband have decided to head off for holidays in the beautiful country of Turkey. After what happened in the Istanbul disaster, we choose a different region to travel too and so Antalya was the perfect decision. I managed to get a beautiful apartment via the amazing website called Airbnb. We arrived roughly around 9 at night and the first thing I needed was a good cup of Turkish Coffee! Drinking Turkish coffee in Turkey haha xx


After that t was basically rest until the next day. Next day we headed around the streets that are close to the apartment at which we were staying at just to have a look at the shops and get to know the place. One thing I have to say about the city of Antalya is the it’s greenery is beautiful! Most of it even has fruit growing on it, like this banana tree.


Most of the stores surrounding us are supermarkets but there were some more traditional shops that sold herbs and spices and even dates! Everything look so authentic and elegant and beautifully displayed that it’s almost impossible to leave empty handed.


At the end of the streets we ended up at this huge fountain near a lovely little park area. We took our shoes off for a bit and sat on one of the bench just to admire the scenery. We were fasting still, as it’s Ramadan so we couldn’t drink anything. Once fully rested we headed back.


Did I mention we have a pool!!!! Yes a much needed dip in the pool was required. I only got my feet wet but it was one of the nicest evenings that I’ve had in a while.


So far I’m in love with this country.Β  I’ll have more posts and photos soon as the days and weeks pass! Let me know about any must see places in Turkey. I’m heading to Istanbul next week.

-Talk Soon xx

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