Collection Glam Crystal Liners

When I did my Maybelline New York MasterInk review I mentioned in it that it’s very difficult to find Glitter Liners in the drugstore that were affordable and GOOD. There are some that are affordable but all they are is a clear gel with a few chunky flecks on glitter added in. Not what you want when going for that mesmerising glitter look. For me nothing beats the Urban Decay Heavy Glitter liners but those retail for 20 euros each and for something that you don’t use all the time is it really worth the money? I will definitely review the Urban Decay on for you guys but for now let me jump into the glitter liners that have won my heart from the drugstore.


I should mention quickly that though the Maybelline New York MasterInk liner is a brilliant glitter liner, that one has a black liner with gold flecks running through it. These liners are clear liners with glitter, so you just get the glitter nothing else. I own two shades from the range and the first one is called  3 FUNK and this is a gold glitter.


The liners come in a plastic tube with a black lid. The applicator has a medium length wand with a bristle brush that can be precise if you work it into the right shape on the back of your hand. Application wise you get a lot of glitter on the brush when you pull it out of the tube meaning the glitter can be densely packed onto the lids. Once these set they don’t budge!


The second shade that I own is called 4 HUSTLE and this is a blue toned silver glitter that has a very iridescent reflection to it when it’s on the eyes. I personally prefer this shade more than 3 FUNK but that’s just because I do more cool toned looks on my eyes and 4 HUSTLE just suits better.


In this range of glitter liners Collection have 10 shades to choose from and each liner retails for 2.95 euros making them super affordable. The other shades are Glitz, La Freak,  POW!, Night Fever, Rock Chick, Dancing Queen, Shake it Up!, Spandex.  Let me know wish glitter liner is your favourite, it doesn’t have to be from collection! 🙂

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