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Project Lip Oil Comparison + Giveaway


After writing four posts for this series I finally have gathered my thoughts on the winner of them all. I’m going to be comparing them all in the following categories: Price, Packaging, Applicator and Formulation. As a bonus I’m finally going to be doing my first giveaway and it shall be of the winning Lip Oil! Details on how to enter will be at the end of the post.


The most expensive of the Lip Oils has got to be the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils and that’s really because Clarins is a high-end brand. These lip oils retail for 19 euros a pop but the real question is are they worth it? If this was the only lip oil on the market like it was last summer, absolutely yes! However after trying out the different drugstore versions with the Essence Lip Oil being the least expensive at 3.49 euros I would say no. The Essence one works just as well as the Clarins if not better without the heavy price tag. For me price wise Essence wins.


All of the lip oils come in an acrylic tube. The difference between them is the size and thickness of those tubes. The fanciest is of course Clarins as this Lip Oil has a square thick acrylic tube that is small in size and compact. The BarryM Lip Oil packaging I personally hate! They have a defect in that there is not stopper when you pull out the applicator meaning the brush is covered in product. It’s also super messy to get back into the tube. The tube is also unnecessary long. The Catrice and Essence lip oils are similar in size however the design of the Catrice makes it the winner for Packaging in my books.


Each of these lip oils has a different applicator. The Clarins one for me is rather big which makes it great for covering the entire lip area in one swipe however I find that sometimes it dispenses to much product. The BarryM has a nice felt tip applicator that is straight in appearance and rotates when applying product against the lip. Because of the flaw in it’s packaging it still doesn’t work for me I’m afraid. The Essence one has your typical doe-foot applicator and favourite is the Catrice which has a heart shaped doe-foot perfect for hugging the curves of the lips.


Formulation is a bit of a tough one for me because they all claim to do the same thing. They all state that they hydrate and moisturizes the lips without being sticky. I don’t find this with all of them however. The Clarins one is lovely and thick making it very hydrating but also very sticky. It’s perfect when you need an overnight balm but for under lipstick it will take to long to be absorbed into the lips. The BarryM formulation is nice and light however I found that it doesn’t really last on the lips for than 2 hours. I’m finding I’m constantly needing to reapply. The Essence is lovely in texture however I didn’t really find it hydrating , it really just gave slip to the lips by sitting on them. My Favourite is the Catrice, major hydration and non-sticky and lasts for a good solid 6 hours without food! Love it!

I’m sure you guys have guessed which one is the winner by now but in case you haven’t its the Catrice Luxury Lips. I’m going to be giving this away to one lucky person. The competition is only open for those of you who live in the UK & ROI I’m afraid. Rules are below! enjoy!

-Talk Soon xx

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Winner will receive 3 Catrice Lip Oils, one in each shade from the range. They must reside within the UK & ROI in order to be eligible for entry. In order to be considered please do the following:

  • Comment on this post what new project you would like to see on my blog.
  • Follow My Blog
  • Like this post
  • Follow me on Twitter: @SooSoBeauty

Winner will be announced on the 2nd of August 2016. One entry per person only.



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