No7 Airbrush Away Foundation

Makeup in the summer is something I’m constantly struggling with because, though I like makeup and applying it (obviously :P) I don’t like the feel of weight of it especially in the summer when you really just want your skin to breath. I recently did a post about my No7 Beauty Buys and in it I mentioned that using my No7 voucher I bought the No7 Airbrush Away Foundation


As far as I can tell this is a water based foundation and according to the box it can be used on all skin types. The main reason why I picked this up is because it also claims to be “Non-pore Blocking” and to be honest I completely agree. I got this foundation in shade Calico which is the lightest shade I believe they stock in stores. The foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle and you get 30mls of product.


The applicator for this foundation is a pipette/dropper. I like and dislike this in all honesty. I like it because the foundation is water based so I don’t end up using a lot of product, also I can control how much product is being dispensed. I don’t like it because when you go to put back the dropper into the bottle the product that is on the sides of the pipette tend to drag against the top of the bottle causing the product to spill out from the top. Its really pro and con situation in my opinion.

SAM_1162Formulation wise  I love this foundation, it’s super light and weightless on the skin so exactly what I’m looking for in terms of the summer months. Coverage is medium but it can be built up to high . Also because this is water based it can be added to your daily moisturiser if you want to sheer it out for light coverage. All in all I give this foundation a thumbs up from me. It retails for 22 euros but with the voucher I got it for 18 euros. Let me know your favourite foundation for the summer below!

-Talk Soon xx

11 thoughts on “No7 Airbrush Away Foundation

    1. Definitely do because they have their match made service you can definitely find a shadw light enough. I’m the lightest in range in store but i think they can order even lighter shades for you from their online store if you need a lighter shade xx


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