OG Palette Review

I am a person who genuinely loves makeup and all things beauty related and as a result I like to keep up to date with a lot of different beauty brands and everything they release so it’s very rare for me to come across a makeup brand that I’ve never heard of. This is one of those rare cases and to be honest because it’s a rare case I decided that it was best I do a review on it.


The product in question is the Organic Glam Eyeshadow Palette in the shade Plum. After doing a bit of research on the internet I discovered that this is actually the makeup range to the skincare range The Organic Pharmacy which I have actually heard thanks to their moisturiser being Fleur de Force’s favourite (and I’m constantly watching her makeup & beauty videos). This range isn’t cheap with this 4 shadow quad retailing for 41 euros but thanks to a sale event that was happening at a local pharmacy near me I managed to purchase it for 7.50 euros.


Packaging is very simple and sleek. The black casing with white lettering gives it a nice high end feel but nothing in my opinion that would warrant 41 euros. Pigmentation of the eyeshadows is 50-50 to be honest. 2 of the shades are incredibly buttery and beautifully pigmented but the other two are barely there shades that have a very powdery texture and a ton of fall out. The palette does not come with any of those useless brush/sponge things that palettes normally have -thank god! but it does have a nice mirror.


The first shade in the quad is actually my favourite. It’s the darkest shade in the palette and also the most pigmented out of the lot. It has a satin-shimmer texture to it which makes it a dream to blend. The shimmer running through it is silver toned and very fine, nothing chunky here.


The second shade is my least favourite out of the four. It’s so powdery and to be honest when I apply this it’s barely there so it’s like I didn’t apply it. Has a ton of fall out and because it’s a light shade on my foundation it makes it look like I have little white heads where it falls down on my cheeks. Not a fan of this shade at all.


The third shade in the palette is ok in my opinion. It has decent pigmentation and no fallout what so ever. It’s not the prettiest colour on the lids but you can create a look with it if you’ve got nothing else to use.


The last shade is very much like the second except it has a little more pigmentation to it. In all honesty I wish this palette wasn’t a quad but a duo with just shade 1 and three in it because it would be (1) cheaper and (2) be something I would use all the shades from. Anyways for me, I don’t really recommend this palette. There are better out there that are better pigmented and cost less money.

-Talk Soon xx   

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