Beauty Haul 2!

So I went back to the amazing store that is The Clearance Store which has been opened by a local pharmacy of mine called Mulligans. This is the second time that I’ve been to this store and if you want to know what I picked up the first time around then check out my first Beauty Haulย post for those products. This store literally reduces products that at one point cost roughly over 30 euros down to 5 euros depending on what the product is. It is literally every beauty girls dream in a store. Enough with the gushing, here’s what I got ๐Ÿ™‚


I should mention the reason I went back again wasn’t because of the great bargains (though that’s enough of an excuse right…:P) but because they’ve added new brands to their range and one of those brands is this one, Diane VonFurstenberg. From this brand I actually bought 3 products the first being a powder foundation compact. To be honest I thought this was a regular setting powder when I first bought it however now after reading the actual box when I got home and finding out its a foundation I wish I had gotten two shades instead of one.


The shade that I did pick up is 1 Alabaster Veil and this is the lightest in the collection. It has a huge mirror within it’s compact an also comes with a handy on the go sponge that’s actually nice and soft. Pigmentation of this product would be light to medium and I personally don’t find it to be buildable. It’s a very natural looking foundation. This originally retailed for 45 euros but I managed to pick it up for 15 euros.


Next two products that I picked up from the range are both cream products and are both in stick form. The first is this amazing golden highlighter called Sun. It’s very cool toned and I think this would look mazing against those of you who have olive toned skin.


Like I said it comes in stick form so it’s very handy for travel. The formulation is perfect and creamy. It’s a very intense highlighter on initial application however I found as I wore it throughout the day it started to fade slightly and became more of a natural glow. No chunky glitter in this bad boy. Just subtle shimmer flecks. This originally retailed for 20 euros but I got it for 5 euros.


The second stick product that I got is actually a blush and much like the highlighter it is cold toned and would look amazing on olive toned skin or even yellow under-toned skin (good example would be usย pale girls!) I picked this up in the shade called Foreplay. Bit kinky in the naming but why not, it is makeup :P.

SAM_1250ย From the picture you can see that this blush is great for summer. It’s peach and golden and really pigmented. Cream products in general tend to work better in the summer and I myself am going to Turkey this summer and this will definitely be going with me. This had the same price as the highlighter.


I managed to come out with only ONE lip product! Shocker I know, it’s almost impossible for me to come out of a store with less than 2 lip products so this is a major achievement for me guys! The lippie in question is from a brand called 3 Custom Color and I got this amazing lipgloss in the shade Sheer Pop. The lipgloss shade is this soft purple with a blue undertone running through it. It makes your lips look bigger and very juicy.


Packaging wise it comes in your typical acrylic tube with a black top. The applicator is the traditional doe-foot that most brands use, nothing special if I’m honest. Texture wise the lipgloss is a little bit sticky however nothing uncomfortable. I’m glad I only got one because to be honest there are other better lipglosses out on the market for less.


Last product in my haul happens to be an eyeshadow. I’ll be honest I wanted to pick up more of these eyeshadows but I was slightly running out of time so I only managed to check out a few of the shades. Most of the colours I already have within my collection however this one in the shade Venetian Lace really called out toย me.


The shade is from the brand Dianne Brill and is this intense highly pigmented olive green. I feel like I’m using the word olive way too much I this blog lolz . Anyways the shadow pan comes with it’s own mirror that’s large enough. I personally love the packaging and though you can’t see it the lid has a cute lace design going across it. This shadow I think retailed for 20 euros and I got it for 5 euros but I honestly can’t remember so please don’t quote me.


That’s everything that I got in my beauty haul guys. A bit smaller than last time but like I said I didn’t have a lot of time for browsing like I did the last time. I highly recommend to anyone who is in the Waterford area in Ireland to check out this store if they can.

-Talk Soon xx

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