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Project Lip Oil: BarryM Coco Loco

This is the third instalment of my Project Lip Oil series. For my first check out my Clarins Post and my second Catrice Post they are both lip oils and I’ve written my full thoughts and opinions on them. I’ve mentioned in both those post that Clarins was really the first makeup brand to come up with the idea of a lip oil treatment for the lips. Since Last summer I’ve been on the hunt for a more affordable versions of the same thing. This summer all the brands that I love have decided to release their versions of lip oils and hence this project was born. For this post I’ll be focusing on BarryM’s version, enjoy!


“Coco Loco: With hydrating and nourishing coconut oil and smoothing camellia”

Sound familiar, it should because these are similar ingredients to the ones used in the Catrice lip oil. The only difference is this one has the coconut oil in it and I have to say it is the dominate oil out of the two. Before I get into the product, let’s start with packaging. It’s absolutely terrible! Yes it looks fine on the outside and by all means if you don’t open it, it is fine but the tube has a major flaw. It doesn’t have one of those stopper things that companys add to tube to stop excess product from getting out. This means everytime I pull out the applicator it comes out covered/overflowing with product that literally gets everywhere. Also its a wreck trying to put it back into the tube because sometimes product leaks over the sides also getting everywhere.


Not a fan at all…the applicator however is another story. Its a long wand that comes with a lovely soft white felt tip that ROTATES! it actually spins as your applying it from side to side. I thought it was a bit gimmicky at first but I actually love this aspect of the product. The product itself, is also lovely in that its a nice thick oil but one that absorbs very quickly into the lips. There is no stickiness or greasy feeling with this oil. Because I got the Coco Loco one it doesn’t have any colour to it.

SAM_1087There are two in the range, the first being  610 Coco Loco (the one I have) and the second one being 611 Berry Good. The berry one comes with a nice reddish tint to it but I personally didn’t pick it up as I already have the Clarins one that has a red tint.

“Berry Good: With raspberry and pomegranate oils for super moisturising and conditioning”

For me this is a very yes and no product. I like the actual product but I don’t like the packaging. It retails for 7.49 euros so it is more expensive than the Catrice Lip oil which I like both the packaging and the product. personally for me I would go for the Catrice and give this one a pass (unless you really really want it haha!). Next in the series will be my review of the Essence Lip Oil.

-Talk Soon xx

7 thoughts on “Project Lip Oil: BarryM Coco Loco

  1. Omg lip oils! The future is here, I love coconut cosmetics so I’ll definitely have to give this a try! I’ve never heard of this catrice brand before? Is it available in the Uk? Xx

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    1. This lip oil is actually from the brand BarryM which is available in the Uk. Catrice I’m afraid isn’t but you can get it through websites such as Hope that helps. Let me know how you get on with this lip oil if you do try it xx

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