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I was shopping around in Primark/Pennys (as it’s known in Ireland) the other day and I happened across one of their PS…PRO stands for what I think their more Lux version of their PS… makeup is. I had a browse of the collection and picked up a few things from the original line and have decided to share my thoughts with you guys on the range.


Let’s start with the PS…PRO range, they did have a huge selection. Everything from Foundation to Mascara to Lipsticks but because I’m such a beauty junkie already I didn’t want to pick up anything I already have. The only thing that really caught my eye from the range was their PS…PRO Longwear Lip Liner Pens.


This is a very interesting concept to me. Its basically a lip liner but it’s (A) liquid and (B) felt tip making it very unique when it comes to beauty products.The tip of this product is a nice felt tip nib that has a sharp point to it making it easy enough to line your lips with it without any mistakes.


I got it in the shade Midnight Crimson and this shade is a deep almost magenta purple that can look vampy in certain lights and very bright purple in others.The only problem I have with this product is it does have a tendency to feather on me but I would recommend apply a clear liner before diving in with this product. This retailed for 3 euros.


That’s really all I got from the PS…PRO range but in the Primark/Pennys that I was in they had the entire range of the PS… brushes in stock. Most of them I have much better quality versions of but the one I picked up I don’t have anything in it’s size within my brush collection.


I got the PS…Double Ended Stippling Brush. This is a dual ended brush that is intended for use on the cheeks for blush/highlighter application and bronzer/contour application. Because it’s a stippling brush it is dual fibred and to be honest I was genuinely surprised that it is super soft. I haven’t given it a wash yet so I will update if it keeps it softness after washing it.


What drew me most to it was the size of it. Both ends of the brush are relatively small and hence prefect for really chiselling out the face with contour and highlight. I also like the flat side because it fits perfectly on the apples of the cheeks so I would love to use it with blush to see how it will apply. This retailed for 2.50 euros.



The next product was really a magpie moment for me because I don’t generally use products like this when I do my makeup. I got the PS…Bronze Bronzing Brush which is basically one of those brushes that has the product built into it already.



I will say the brush isΒ not soft whatsoever. The product itself isn’t that fine, I would compare this to being a glitter dust for the body its that chunky of a glitter. I will quite literally be leaving this for those disco nights when you just want to sparkle.


Last product I got is really three products because it comes in a kit. PS…Strobe Crayon Trio is a kit that contains 3 highlighting/strobing pencils and a pencil sharpener.Β  Each pencil is intended for a specific area of the face according to the instructions on the back. I however personally think their all to shimmer and sheer to be used as anything other that a face highlight.



The first shade is called PS…Strobe Highlight and this is very much your typical silvery highlight that can be used on both the tops of the cheeks and the inner corner of the eyes to brighten the complexion.



The next shade is called PS…Strobe Bronze and this is a highlighter that has a very strong gold pigmentation running through it. I love this for the tops of the cheekbones only to be quite honest. If your of a deeper skin tone than me (I wear foundation called Ivory and Alabaster in case your looking for a reference) than I would say this would look like a very natural highlight on your skin tone.



The last shade is called PS…Strobe Blush and this is a pink highlight. I like this for applying over blush as it gives the blush a very dewy look to it that’s fresh. The pink in is very obvious so I would not go over board with the application of this.


The kit also comes with a sharpener that sharpens the pencils. The only drawback in my opinion because I don’t like the faff of having to sharpen my pencils. Would have liked these better had they been twist up instead. The kit retails for 3.50 euros. That’s everything I picked up from Primark/Pennys. If you guys have an other recommendations for me …I’m basically looking for an excuse lolz :P.

-Talk Soon xx

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